6 responses to “Unnecessary Induction Of Labour”

  1. kate

    this is such a great post.

    induction leads to so many complications. it is extremely frustrating to hear how many healthy pregnant women are induced because they are supposedly one week overdue. the obtertric model seems to focus on numbers instead of listening to the woman.

    the more people that know and understand this, the better birthing experiences will be for women.

  2. Craashb

    Hi Lisa your pal virginia from UK here. Just had to comment as induction is my bug bear I wrote an article about it which was published in Practising Midwife and is also on my web site. Feel free to put it on your blog if you want to. best wishes and good catching vxxxx

  3. Gloria J. Lemay

    I’m with you on this one, Lisa. Have you seen the paper “Nonsensus Consensus” that was published in the British Med Journal by Philip Hall, M.D.

    He talks about the bad science that led to the induction epidemic.

    The other very telling study is the “First Births Project”. I think government action is needed on this one. The drs won’t do it by themselves, they are making too much money.
    Gloria Lemay

  4. lotusbirther

    I hope you are OK.
    I have nominated you for a Lemonade Award for bloggers with great attitude or gratitude. Youknow get to nominate ten (or so!) others and if you are able, even download te picture of the award which I haven’t yet managed *sigh*

  5. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Virginia, will use it for sure. Glad you are doing well. Fancy a homebirth retreat in Aus in May. I’d love to have you come over.

  6. Kelleigh

    I’ve had three babies, and had a midwife everytime. My first was going to be induced at 14 days over. Thank goodness I went into labout spontaneously on the 13th day. I was living in dread about being induced, but as a young first time mum felt the need to do what I was told as the professionals knew best.

    My second baby went overdue by one day when my (new) midwife came to visit. I said with some trepadation “oh no, I’m overdue”. She tutted at me and said “its only one day”. I felt such relief that the “I” word was not brought up at all, ever. So relieved was I and relaxed, that the baby was only 5 days over dates – my earliest ever born.

    My third baby was due, and with a new midwife again, the “I” word was mentioned on the due date. I was beside myself with panic at not wanting one, but not wanting to have a battle on my hands refusing one. I was pushed into complying to have one at 41 weeks. The day before, I backed out, crying, and said I wasn’t going. 3 days after the scheduled induction, my beautiful healthy baby was born, covered in vernix. My midwife declared I was right, she wasn’t overdue at all, so I am glad I refused.

    I think they are too easily a procedure thats just seen as a normal course of events for post-dates babies. Some of us just carry a bit longer.