5 responses to “Maternity Review And There’s More”

  1. Anonymous

    This makes me mad! We Women are not cattle to be shipped around, prodded and poked at some hospitals convienience, pumped full of drugs…what happened? What is wrong with doing it the way nature intended?
    If this goes through, i will end up freebirthing my next bub. I am NOT going to a hospital.

  2. Radical Midwife

    I worry about this same thing happening here in the US….well, I suppose it already has in many states. I wish that people (government people and consumer people) would understand that the fastest way to get rid of midwives is to regulate them. Oh wait…maybe that IS what the government peoples have in mind!!! “Where are the women in all of this” is a very good question.
    Great contrasting pictures, too. I was born in the manner of the the first photo, from an unconscious mother….and my own son was born in a manner similar to the second photo (as will be this baby growing inside right now). It is so painful for me to see photos of forceps dragging babies out. :(

  3. Anonymous

    there seems to be a confusing interplay of a few different things going on at the moment – does it mean that, come 2010, only midwives working in hospitals will have PI insurance, and therefore registration/legal status?

  4. bluemoon

    I have both witnessed and experienced personally birthrape and the torture of an instrumental delivery. I just cannot fathom how anyone can possible believe that inserting forceps into a vagina and dragging out a baby by it’s poor little head is anything BUT that.
    This review has saddened and disgusted me and I cannot belp but feel pessimistic for the future of maternity services in Australia. I really believed that the tide towards wholistic midwifery care for normal pregnancy and birthing was turning away from this medically sanctioned abuse.
    Now I just feel revolted that the AMA and RANZCOG have been given IMs heads on a platter.
    I am literally sickened to the core of my being.

    Lisa, your blog is wonderful.
    Like a beacon of light that shines in the opressive and abusive darkness that is Australian obstetrics.

  5. Gloria Lemay

    I was so frustrated and upset when we finally got our legislation here in British Columbia, Canada and we realized that homebirth and autonomous practise had been negotiated away and the midwives would be relegated to pimping for the doctors.

    I was venting to one of our longtime midwives and pioneer home birthers. She just gave me a patient smile and said “Gloria, when there weren’t any midwives, we found the women who had some nursing skills and birth experience and invited them to come over and help us have our babies. That’s how midwifery got started up again in Canada in the 70s. You have to have faith in birthing women. Women will keep on doing that no matter what happens with politics.”

    The context behind medical birth is CONTROL, this is why trying to change it from within never works.
    Birth is out of control, wild and woolly. Midwifery has to be the same.