3 responses to “Missing The Point”

  1. Joy Johnston

    Lisa I am also disappointed but not surprised by the report.
    The midwife’s duty of care to promote normal birth, to be a partner with woman – these things that we midwives, and women who want us to work with them, hold dear – don’t get a mention in the MSR report.
    Throughout the review the submissions and press releases from the medical groups made independent midwives a target. It’s as though we can be the sacrificial lamb, so that the other stakeholders can be placated.

    Your readers can see more as time passes at my blog http://villagemidwife.blogspot.com/ and the MIPP blog http://midwivesvictoria.blogspot.com/

  2. (Un?)touchable

    And I thank God that you are still here, Lisa. Please stick around. *hugs*

  3. Gloria Lemay

    A couple of little stories from our experience in B.C., Canada.

    We had a very cool woman minister of Health who was advocating a womanly/midwife friendly plan for legalization. I learned later that she was best friends with one of my clients. The physicians’ group for our province had a newspaper editorial placed that stated “The first baby who dies at a homebirth will be laid on the Health Minister’s desk”. How do you like that for playing the ‘dead baby’ card? We happened to be having a meeting that night and about 18 women attended. Instead of doing our meeting agenda, we handed out all different types of stationary to the women attending and each one of us wrote a letter to the ed about our own experiences with the doctor system of birth. We all expressed our gratitude to the Min of Health and our desire for homebirth, no matter what. We drove the envelope full of letters down to the newspaper office. The next day, they devoted a full size page of our letters in the letters to the ed. page.

    Once we had our watered down midwifery model in place, the job of the registered midwives was to police and regulate midwives outside of the system.
    There was a birth worker helping women on a small island. They put an ad in her local paper saying she wasn’t a midwife and shouldn’t be allowed to attend births. The very next week, the women of the island placed an ad in the same paper saying they loved their birth worker and were keeping her.

    We can never expect those who are not working on the ground in birth to understand what the dynamics are. It’s like expecting the Pope to understand why we need birth control.