4 responses to “College Of Midwives”

  1. Joy Johnston

    Lisa I am also feeling sold out.

    I am also a member/fellow of the College of Midwives, and in the past have held executive roles at the Victorian branch level. I would like to see the College and every midwife stand up to protect the right of any midwife to practise midwifery in any setting. What other profession has no choice to hang up a shingle? It’s not about .2% of women and midwives – it’s about ALL.

    The plan for the government to mandate indemnity insurance has been on the table for a long time. I have known about it since about 2001. The Northern Terrritory government did it first, and that was the pattern for the national scheme. I understand that the other state government legislations regulating midwifery practice have the requirement for indemnity, but there is no clear process in these Acts for policing it. The state nurses and midwives boards/councils don’t know which midwives are providing private services, and charging a fee, because at present every midwife is entitled to do anything within the scope of midwifery practice, on their own authority.

    I think everyone who reads the report of the Maternity Services Review will be shocked at the lack of attention by the Review to fact and evidence, and the ‘doctor knows best’ stance it takes. The Report lacks an ethical response to the pleas of women who made the effort to request the government to keep the option of homebirth open. The result, if the Minister accepts the recommendations on homebirth and independent midwifery practice, will be to shut down the very service that these women value highly.

  2. Gloria Lemay

    Here’s a good quote for you, Lisa:

    “Homebirth is the jewel in the crown of midwifery”
    Prof Lesley Page, UK

  3. Tania

    What do I think?? I think with head in the sand attitudes and everyone puffing themselves up with how busy they are we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere with this by 2010.

    A week before my baby was born in 2001 my midwife lost her ability to access PI insurance. It’s been an issue here for THAT long. How they think that a few radio interviews and press releases will suddenly find a complete paradigm change in the attitudes and policies of the government, quite honestly, stuns me.

    As an active member of the College here in SA with Lisa, I am honestly at a loss. The attitude here is that the government won’t let this happen. Watch this space.

  4. Naomi

    I am not surprised by the results at all. It makes me think that we need to find our own voice and get back to some old fashioned radicalism because although we don’t like to be marginalised lets face it; this is what the intention is here.
    It’s not about hippies, homebirth or even midwifery. It’s about women and their rights to their bodies/births.