14 responses to “Eating at Birth – the BMJ OK!”

  1. Kel

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! you’re kidding right?

  2. Lisa Barrett

    click on the link, they did research!!

  3. Billie

    Oh don’t you just love “world breaking news”? Apparently because some group of doctors have finally said it’s true it’s “world breaking”. We should feel so privileged that they have rescued us from our apparent ignorance.

    Every few weeks or so my answer to world breaking news is…”well duhh!!!”

  4. Lisa Barrett

    but women and their crappy midwives could never have worked out on their own that eating and drinking in labour was common sense.

    Thank god them the randomised controlled trial, what would we do without them.

  5. mommymichael

    as if i needed their okay to do it. ;)

  6. Sazz

    I need some randomised control trials about whether I should go to the toilet when I feel like I need to…who’s in?

  7. (Un?)touchable

    Quote from the article: “Moreover, some doctors have long argued that fasting while in labour – which can last many, many hours – may be bad for the mother and the baby.”

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this statement. Only “some” doctors have argued that fasting “may” be bad? But anyway, they’ve said it’s OK now so lucky us. :D

  8. Gloria Lemay

    I want to see some research on whether or not midwives should eat at births. Seems to me the job can lead to a lot of big fat bums.

  9. Amy HBACer

    So if 10-15% of women (maximum) have caesars, and most of those would be having local anaesthetics, how many women are actually at risk of aspiration???

    I’m going to the snow, don’t want frost bite. Can you amputate my fingers, please?

    Besides, if it is really an emergency then they don’t care if you’ve fasted for your proper times… you go for surgery anyway.

  10. Rose

    Hahaha Gloria…… So true! After a three day marathon birth recently my body has had enough chocolate, toast any other form of sugary carbs!!!!

  11. Lisa Barrett

    Rubbish, you can never have too many slices of toast at a birth.
    Some of us have attended another birth since and is awaiting a niggling woman.
    One day I’m going to start my exercise programme

  12. Anonymous

    Yet again, knOBs manage to make birth sound like an extreme sport. Dangerous. *rolls eyes*


  13. Mrs Farley

    phew, i am glad a doctor said it was ok!!! i am 6 months but think i will go early, so i was about to start weaning myself off solids in case i went premmie. thanks for posting lisa, now where is the fridge??????

  14. amanda burnard

    The more i read about hospital births and what women should and shouldn’t do during labour, the more convinced i am that i made the right decision to have home birth for my second child. I’m 36 weeks preg and ill be damned if im letting anyone tell me whether or not im allowed to eat during labour. My first labour was 35 hours and i have to admitt towards the end i didn’t really feel like eating but in the first stages i was happy i did eat. It gave me a little more strength as i i didnt sleep for the entire labour. Giving birth is the most exhausting thing we will ever do as women, so why deprive ourselves of the extra strength which can be gained from food??