2 responses to “Homebirth – The Manic Midwives”

  1. Joy Johnston

    yes Lisa – I had to laugh when I read that about ’100 deliveries’. Perhaps the writer of the article could have spoken to a midwife when researching the piece.
    And how about “Official estimates have suggested between 500 and 1000 midwives would be needed to take pressure off existing birthing services”. haha! One midwife providing primary care takes pressure off existing birthing services. So in stead of letting the (officially) estimated 150 independent midwives continue to take pressure off existing services, the recommendation is that we be shut down. That sounds like increasing pressure on those services doesn’t it?

  2. Anonymous

    I expect that a midwife who performs “100 deliveries a year” (sic) would not have very happy clientele. It would preclude the very service that women go to independent midwives to receive – long consultations, personal service, a midwife who is available at all times when needed by the woman. I think I’d fire my midwife if she took on that many other clients, myself.