I thought I would share a postnatal picture with you to complete the cycle of birth. Here I am with the same woman sharing a post natal visit.

postnatal meeting

5 responses to “Postnatal”

  1. Anonymous

    Can’t you just see why this kind of activity needs to be made illegal? That looks way too happy and friendly to belong in maternity (s)care! ;-)

  2. Lil

    Hi Lisa,

    Saw this on Insight, on SBS the other night, and thought you may be interested in it. Just a documentary about birth in Australia and the choices that women have.

    Here’s the link:

    And here’s the link to watch it online:

    Lil x

  3. loz

    Haha yes breastfeeding, smiling and chatting no wonder it needs to be made illegal;)

    What a beautiful moment for you all

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Lil, I happened to be at a friends house to watch it. My lack of tv is something inconvenient.

  5. Lisa Barrett

    i just watched the “insight” programme and i have a better feeling now for what you are going through with the national review. istn’ it lovely how they talk through their teeth? keep fighting ladies (lisa and sister midwives) – there are many mamas out there who need you…

    I’m sorry Ani, I pressed the wrong button and didn’t publish your comment, however here it is.