10 responses to “Underground and Mirrors”

  1. midwife of the plains

    I’d say that you and your homebirthing community need that upcoming homebirth retreat more than ever now.
    And, being from the united states myself, I can assure you, women still choose homebirth, even when it is legal for the milkman to attend her birth, but not a midwife. I live on the border between 2 states w/ different laws “governing” midwifery. In Kansas, midwifery is alegal.
    It is written in a 1996 ruling in the Kansas Supreme Court that pregnancy and birth are not pathologies or abnormalities but normal extensions of a woman’s health and well being. Therefore, midwifery is not the practice of medicine.
    In Missouri, CPMs and CNMs can legally attend homebirths, but not a lay or direct entry midwife. And that just changed back in August. Prior to that there were many underground midwives attending births. Also, CPMs ARE NOT required to have malpractice insurance.
    That there Mr. Dr. Weaver sounds so familiar. I wonder if I’ve met him right here in Kansas with his fantastic ideas of why obstetricians have jobs.
    I think I’ll go stick my head in a bucket of ice water to cool off.

  2. Anonymous

    I love this photo Lisa because I can see your ungloved hands, rings and all!!! LOVE IT! Rachael

  3. Jaks

    I dont normally comment for obvious reasons, but I just had to say I read the report and that Ted Weaver sounded like a right plonker! The Least informed and articulate of the lot of them!

  4. Jo Baulderstone

    I couldn’t agree more about that Ob. Uggghhh. All the more reason to lobby to retain the ability to homebirth with independent midwives – legally. What can I do to help? Should I write to Nicola? Anyone else? I wrote to the review, but I really thought I was putting the case forward for more women to have the opportunity to have births assisted by indpt midwives. I had no idea I should have been pleading for them not to be made illegal. Even though I don’t intend on having anymore children – although I would love to have another attempt to have a natural delivery at home, and using that mirror, I don’t think I will have that pleasure, BUT I don’t like having the decision taken away from me. And I feel so sorry for future families that will not be able to experience the support that truly amazing midwives can give – even (especially?) if they have to transfer to hospital. I would not want to go through the hopsital system again (unless of course it was necessary)- knowing how good it can be with indpt midwives at home. I really wouldn’t trust or feel comfortable with anyone else. I really feel distressed about all this, so I can’t imagine how you are all feeling.
    Keep up the good work Lisa. And I love looking in at your site(s) – new house looks fantastic by the way, and I wish I could make it to your coffee mornings again. Let me know if there is anything that I can do. I’ve started becoming a bit of a letter writer lately – see Messenger hopefully next week. I can’t stand to sit by while things shit me, anymore…

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve had a (initially) positive response from my local MP, and he (and childless he – sheesh) has said he will communicate with the health minister on my behalf. So, Jo, that might be a good first step for you too.

  6. Sheridan

    I love your blog. You are so articulate and honest, and that is so refreshing when it comes to birthing. We are lied to so often, and told how useless we are and now we need to be rescued from our own decisions because we obviously don’t care about our own babies as much as Ted Weaver does.

    I have no idea how the species survived for so long. In fact, thrived for so long if women are so incapable of giving birth without an obstetrician putting his two cents in.

    I fear for the future, because once the precious art of midwifery is lost then it will be very difficult to get it back to the wonderful standard it is at today.

  7. maria

    Great pics. Always so special to see a baby emerge!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Mel

    I had Ted Weaver deliver my baby and I must say as President of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, he is very well educated and his opinion is highly valued. I found him to be excellent and professional. Unlike so many obstetricians he is against women having unnecessary c-sections. He believes in natural childbrith and the hospital works at, Selangor, is widely renouned in Australia as one of the best and most natural hospitals in which to birth a baby, a hospital for which women travel the country to experience… I think many people are being slanderous on this site and you should get your facts right before you speak.

  9. Lisa

    I wished I had of gone to Nambour Public Hospital instead of Selangor Hospital. Ted Weaver performed a caesarean operation. One of the external staples was not over the wound, and this was the least of my worries. When I asked him 3 days later to check my wound because it didn’t feel right, he replied armed folded from across the room ‘you’re right’. One large hematoma later, loss of enough blood for me to be severely anaemic, I was back in the operating theatre under general anaesthetic. The internal stitching had broken down, and it was a ‘real mess’ in there said the obstretician who had the job of repairing me. I was the 1st of two women he had to fix from Ted’s caesareans that week. When I complained to the Health Rights Commission, the hospital’s reponse was that I wasn’t really upset about Ted Weaver’s work, I was really upset because the midwife had left me in labour and unattended in a room for over 5 hours. It was a bad experience all round. If one had to go to that hospital, Ted Weaver would be my last choice.