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  1. Rose

    Well said! I remain very sceptical about this advanced stuff and the fact if collaboration whatever the hell that means?!?! And yes after recent experience with transfers, although a ‘successful’ birth I would not want that for me or any woman!!!!
    Hmmmmm maybe I will just move back to NZ??

  2. lovebubs

    I am living your pain everyday Lisa. You know exactly what my philosophy of midwifery is and having to watch women pulled apart and treated like a piece of meat in the hospital is killing me. I am trying to work from the inside out but as options continue to be taken away, what hope is there? All I can say is, when it comes time to have my next baby, there wouldn’t be enough money in this world to pay me to give birth in a hospital, not even the one I work at. With intervention at fingertips, there is too much temptation to use it, and like you mentioned, even when it is blantantly not needed. You are awesome… Love ya heaps xoxo

  3. Karinda

    I just wanted to let you know that it is really good to hear from you again. I always enjoy reading your writing and share your views that whatever care a woman chooses for her pregnancy & birth remain her choices not that of any government or insurance companies. Continue to speak your mind, there are many who really value your voice.

  4. Ingitar

    Lisa, I feel so sad – hoping for good changes soon!

  5. Janet

    Couldn’t.Agree.More. Homebirth isn’t icing on a cake. It’s a basic human right, not a nice extra. Women’s rights to bodily integrity has few proponents. I’m glad you’re one.

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks J although I could watch my language – birth a woman-. My vag gets bigger every day.

  7. Anonymous

    It does seem, the midwives are in 'two camps' and a third covey inbetween undecided & swaying. Camp One desires full professional status (expecting institutionalized "legitamacy" will ride them to the hilltop: maximum financial gain, status and power). Camp Two desires the richness & satisfaction of community-created midwifery (expecting the life of a midwife to be spent in the most productive ways of safe-guarding maternal-newborn health and joys)

    Glad your voice is riding on !

  8. Morag

    Sounds like the college is setting up a very similar system to the one which has sadly developed here… The ‘legit’ insured midwives who practice in the hosp and docs are grudgingly cool with, and then the direct entry, independent homebirth MW’s who are considered reckless, ignorant hacks.

    The College is selling women’s choices in birth (to say nothing of the midwives who chose to work outside the hosp system) for hospital purchase. They are allowing the medical communit to dictate who midwives must be.

    Thank you for continuing to stand up and say “No. Not ok.”
    Homebirth ain’t going anywhere with midwives like you around.


  9. loz

    Thank you for not remaining silent Lisa even though the powers that be would prefer you and others like you did. There is a huge misconception that ‘we have won’ yet not many people see the stipulations that will be in place that really just keep truly independent midwifes stuck on square 1.. EEEK

  10. Kel

    amen to all thats been said. keep on being loud Lisa! women need you!

  11. Joy Johnston

    Hi Lisa and blog followers.
    I have been surprised at the general lack of comment in the press about the midwifery changes announced in last Tuesday’s budget – indemnity, Medicare and limited prescribing. Although I am disappointed and frustrated that homebirth has been sectioned off as a no go zone, for reasons that can not be taken seriously by anyone who understands evidence, I am really pleased that the government has taken such a big step to dismantle the medical monopoly of maternity care. And in my mind the announcements of reform were more wonderful in the wake of the report of the maternity services review which said a lot of nothing and skirted around the real issues.

    The budget press releases from the College of Midwives, as well as from Maternity Coalition and Homebirth Australia were, imho, worded in a politically correct way. I am confident that ACM is the best representative we have for midwives, and I have been assured that the defining of such things as advanced practice and collaboration will be acceptable even to ordinary midwives like me who don’t have even a bachelor degree, let alone higher academic quals.

    I am also wondering what will be done about homebirth in situations or locations where the publicly funded models are not available. I expect there will be some midwives prepared to go ‘underground’, while others will seek to comply with the new rules. Noone can force a woman to go to hospital.

    I have been actively working for maternity reform since 1993 when I started my private practice. We have a long way to go, but from where I sit the 2009 federal budget is the biggest step forward that I have seen so far in my lifetime. I hope the bill passes in the Senate, and I hope those who represent midwives’ and women’s interests in bringing in the reforms will be wise and courageous.

  12. majikfaerie

    thank you for stating things far more eloquently than I could have. reading the new govt announcements which have been met with lots of back-patting and congratulating somehow gave me a weird feeling. like something wasn’t right. like somehow no one was mentioning HB. ah well, i was already underground so none of it makes much difference LOL

  13. maria

    Don’t ever be silent again! I am not following everything in Australia very closely, but this is all so terribly sad and pathetic. Like someone else wrote, where we give birth is our basic right.

  14. Rachael

    We need midwives like you Lisa to speak up, please don’t be silenced. WE NEED YOU.

  15. Rachael

    We need midwives like you Lisa to speak up, please don’t be silenced. WE NEED YOU.

  16. Anonymous

    Keep talking Lisa..so many of us hear you LOUD and CLEAR! We need straight talkers.!
    Lisa Chalmers
    Simply birth!

  17. Gloria Lemay

    I love your Freudian slip at the beginning of this post, Lisa. . . you DO create decent (as in decent and kind) even tho you probably meant to say, “dissent”.

    I’d like to know what’s wrong with dissent? What’s wrong with controversy? What’s wrong with an idea that isn’t completely sheep-like?

    One of the ways that working midwives get worn down is by having to attend gov’t meetings, board meetings, hearings, special inquiries. . . you name it. They are BORING, BORING, BORING so smart people avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately, the cost is that drones then decide how the ground rules will look. I can’t bear boring meetings and am stuck with provincial guidelines for midwives (B.C., Canada) which could only have been put together by an assembly of bureaucrats who were not actively involved in birth work.

    Keep on creating and being “decent”, dear Lisa.

  18. Mama

    “Isn’t the choice of birth place a human right?”

    And to who is present?

    Please don’t stay silent.

  19. Lisa Barrett

    LOL I have been emailed about my accidental spelling however I decided to leave it, I could see the funny side.

  20. Jo Wood

    It doesn't suit you to be silent, Lisa! Without the very few who will speak loud & clear what options will our daughters have when it's their time to birth?

    Love your work, Lisa.


  21. RachH

    Hospital midwifery is frustrating and unsatisfying for midwives as well as women. Working within a rotating roster is unhealthy and not family friendly. I don't want to be an obstetric nurse! I don;t want to sit outside three labour rooms trying to keep the paperwork up to date for the three women labouring! I want to be a midwife and be 'with women' while they labour and birth. Is that too much to ask?