5 responses to “The College of Midwives”

  1. Joy Johnston

    Thanks for posting this Lisa. I hadn't seen it.
    Once again midwifery in Australia appears to be taking a direction that is inconsistent with the very definition of the midwife.

  2. Louise Wilby

    Worryingly your College seems to be very behind the game….not that that surprises me after what you have been saying Lisa.

  3. Joy Johnston

    My sense of outrage at the changes that we understand are to be in effect from 1 July 2010 is not that the health practitioner legislation requires all health professionals to have insurance. It's that for some illogical reason the health minister has decided that insurance can be given to midwives who work for birth in hospitals, but not out of hospital. This means that the health minister, in her wisdom, has gone against all the evidence from research, and the advice of the College of Midwives, and declared home birth with a private midwife a no-go zone. For which other profession will a legislator define the profession's scope of practice? Would the medical profession accept government control of any aspect of their scope of practice – such as for whom they can prescribe a drug, or on whom a surgeon can operate? Yet they are doing that to midwives. It's simply unacceptable.
    I think midwives and women have to be very clear about that.

  4. InfoMidwife

    Hi Lisa, this was always going to be the problem. Since the conception of the notion of National Registration, indeminty insurance was the sticking point. I have had countless discussions on this subject. I do know the College has been working very hard to secure insurance for Private Practice midwives and are still endevouring to do this. Lets hope we can work towards securing indeminty insurance.

  5. Sazz

    It seems to me that for most Austrlaians "midwife" equals obstetric nurse. And the government has done a fantastic job of dividing before concquering. Little pay offs for the obstetric nurses who do God's will (and by God, of course I mean obstetricians) so that they're happy. So they can either forget about the independent midwives or let fear of losing their small gains get in the way of uniting with their sisters and fighting for a better deal for ALL midwives!

    Obstetric nurses want a bigger piece of the pie. Midwives in private practice know the pie is rotten.