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  1. SuSuseriffic

    That sucks. Get a laywer to find a lopehole or something. Homebirth midwives are A-legal in my county, but my privite insurance did pay (USA.) I hope something can be done.

  2. Joy Johnston

    Lisa I agree with you that this issue concerns all midwives – not just those of us who are perceived to be too independent for our own good. Once this legislation is enforced, the ICM definition of a midwife will not apply, because a midwife will not be able to work in any setting (including the home). The midwife will be able to practise only in settings that are 'allowed' by the hospitals and other health authorities.

  3. Marjorie

    My rage knows no bounds. How dare anyone try to tell women what they can and can't do with their bodies in our most basic physiological function. Why is it so marvellous that SOME midwives can now be called some new title and yet a bunch of other midwives and women have been hung out for the wolves. The assault on homebirth has been going for many years and this is the final nail in our coffin.

    I'm revolted by those who are telling us to celebrate their ascension to the boys' club while the rest of us are just mightily and totally fucked over. Hooray for progress? What the fuck?

  4. Anonymous

    1. Who says ALL women are up in arms?

    2. Why is this only about women?

    3. If home births are so important, so natural and so indicative that pregnancy is NOT an illness, then who needs a Midwife?

    4. Legislation has been about protection whether you are a doctor or a nurse or a midwife, why is this bad?

  5. Rosemary

    Hi. I've never commented, only lurked. But, I wrote a letter to my local member and have made an appointment to see them. I've written to the minister for health and I've also written to my health insurance company (which does cover independent midwifery) to warn them about the increasing costs they are about to face when we all have to go to hospital. Also,I'm in the middle of writing to all female members of parliament asking them to advocate for my reproductive rights, and to not allow the parliament to make laws about my body and the choices I make for it.

    All because of you. So thank you for inspiring me to do this.

  6. Rebecca

    Anonymous – to answer your questions (which seem to indicate that you haven't comprehended much)

    1. Not all women ARE up in arms, but they should be! This is merely the tip of the iceburg – who knows WHAT 'they' will deem as 'unsafe' and therefore require un-necessary interventions or plain out-right restrictions.

    2. It isn't just about women. Its also about their partners, their children, their families, their friends. But women are the ones who's Bodies they SHOULD have rights over.

    3. Many people don't! But also, many people LIKE having someone there that they trust, who knows them and are experienced in helping a woman when she wants it. Because, surprisingly enough, many natural and drug free births are slighly painful, and most people *I* know need reassurance and encouragement when in pain.

    4. Seriously?? They have just legislated OUT homebirthing!! As of July 2010, I either go to hospital and submit to rules and regs, and Drs that have only met me for 30 sec, or I free-birth (free birthing is basically where you birth at home, with NO medical assistance.).

  7. ries

    While i agree totally with Rebecca about point two,it's not just about women… may I add to Anonymous…
    women WILL be the focus until I see a man give birth to a watermelon sized human out of HIS sexual organ, in full view of about 3-7 staff who are yelling to him to be quiet and push, or staring at said organ, and are all female and are holding instruments to cut his tender organ just in case it doesnt work right!
    (while he is attached to monitors, drips and the machine that goes PING)
    i prefer to birth my children in the privacy of my home, with my husband staring at my fanny only, wispering words of love and encouragement, WITH my trusted midwife there to engage should complications evolve, WITH my children who are not a bother making cakes and laughing in the background, Next year I am not able to do this without my midwife being fined/jailed. Thank God I am having my last baby this year, and shame on anyone who that legislates my daughters may not choose the same because now they are more 'protected'. We who know the difference SHOULD be up in arms at this loss of freedom. Legislation is what legislation is always about… CONTROL, not protection. (and who wants a DR midwife or other who needs protection anyway!!!!!)Protect me and my rights to give birth safely in the place of my choosing as well as my daughters…sorry, YES, all WOMEN!

  8. B

    Great post ries!

  9. Anonymous

    I am a woman who has had both of my babies in hospital (wished I hadn't) and feel passionately about my right to choose for myself, where I birth my children. This is absolutely unacceptable and I will not rest until I know I have done everything I possibly can to let our government and the broader public know what I think of this disgusting treatment of women. This will not only affect our generation but those to come and I for one can not sit back and let it happen.

  10. Anna

    Well I am doing what little I can. I can't speak very eloquently, I can't cite research off the top of my head, but I am submitting to the senate committee and I intend to speak to my MP and senators, whilst being a mum to 3 young ones and studying at uni!

    The question I have for you Lisa is why does your blog have to go? At the time of writing, being an IM is legal. I would hate for the great knowledge you have here to be lost. This is such a great resource. I will be bringing that up with my MP and senators too. GRRRR…

  11. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Anna, after July 2010 I would not want to be easily found any more.