2 responses to “Homebirth Ban in the News Today”

  1. Joy Johnston

    These articles should give the radio talkbacks some good material to tease out. I have left some of my thoughts at my blog http://villagemidwife.blogspot.com/ and the MiPP blog http://midwivesvictoria.blogspot.com/
    People around the world are reading our new sites and blogs with great interest.

  2. Jodie Miller

    I think there needs to be a nation-wide awareness-raising campaign. Here's a suggestion:

    What if homebirth groups and their networks could co-ordinate to bombard the media with 'born at home' birth announcements accompanied by the traditional mother/baby images (not birth photos, I mean) and how wonderful would it be if those pictures went back decades and decades to demonstrate that babies born at home are just like babies born everywhere else?

    This is something small that any individual can easily do that on a grand scale has the potential to make a powerful statement to the Australian public and policy makers.