12 responses to “Homebirth, Warning No Diving!”

  1. Melissa Maimann

    Dear Lisa,

    just wondering how big the baby was? A brow presentation is so rare!!


  2. Lisa Barrett

    baby was 3300g. Her previous sections were both at full dilatation after a failed instramental birth. She was told her spines were too narrow for birth.

  3. Rixa

    I laughed when I opened my La Bassine–I mean, come on, are we really that stupid? But it's all about CYA nowadays.

  4. Evony

    Thankyou to you and your clients for sch wonderful pictures! I've just left the NHS to work independently and it is so encouraging and supportive to see beautiful births in this way. Thankyou x

  5. Making of a Montessori Mum

    Tears in my eyes. Thanks for this wonderful post. What an amazing birth and amazing woman. Thanks to you all for sharing. xx

  6. namaaraalee

    These pics are so beautiful. I had the pleasure of meeting this woman and the bliss of birth was radiating from her.
    Congratulations to a wonderful mumma and many thanks to you Lisa for making this joy possible for all the women you care for.

  7. Gloria J. Lemay

    Lovely, Lisa.
    I have this awful video of a little girl who was born with this presentation and the doctor put a vaccuum on (didn't realize it was the brow). Baby was in such bad shape. Two black eyes, in NICU, later had brain surgery, at the time it was filmed they didn't know if she would have CP. What a difference for this little one. Praise the Goddess!

  8. Jane

    beautiful ….

  9. Rose

    amazing photos. very amazing team.
    THIS is why we need to fight for Homebirth and Independent Midwives, and NOT celebrate the 'progress' so far!!! What progress????????
    How is making HB illegal but giving hospital midwives the right to prescribe (unneccesary) drugs, progress?????

  10. Natasha

    What's the technique from Gloria Lemay about expanding the pain?

  11. mamasara

    Yes, I would like to know more about expanding the pain technique. Thanks so much for this post!

  12. amylockyemily

    What beautiful birth photo's!

    Congratulations to the mama for birthing this baby vaginally after 2 caesereans. Shows her strength and courage and her faith in her body!