12 responses to “National Forum”

  1. Anonymous

    Hooray! Postcards! If we glue them all together we can build an island and float away offshore where midwifery isn't illegal and the problem will be solved!

    *heads desk*


  2. Anonymous

    Ahhh Is that the best that the ACMI can come up with postcard campaign, no wonder this crap is being dished up to midwives

  3. Tania

    Actually the best they can come up with is, and I quote…"IPM's anger about supposedly being forgotten or sold out by the college is misguided and misdirected." Oh, and let's not forget this cracker…"you have to sit back and trust the process".

    Yep, we're fucked. If we allow these clowns to keep representing us, (which is pretty questionable anyway, given what they've done for independents so far), then we don't stand a hope in hell.

  4. Miriam

    The mandatory reporting stuff is a total nightmare…and who sets the model of accepted professional standards ffs? A body of our peers? The AMA? I could just cry. That kind of crap will 'risk out' most women choosing to birth at home because they KNOW they won't get a fair go in the hospital.

  5. Rhoda

    Thanks for what you've posted here, it's helping me and friends to approach this from a head space more educated on the politics of this.

    It's really not enough to sign petitions and postcards and attend rallies and think we are being productive, hey?

    Imagine if instead of (or as well as) all that each person wrote a sensible letter, or scheduled a sensible meeting with an appropriate person…

    Any other ideas for what might actually help?

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Rhoda,

    I think that we are all doing everything we can. I am a little short on ideas because I dont think anything will help. Lobbying local members is the best. If you go as an individual your local member has to take it up. It's their job and their remit.
    I think demanding a waiver in the face of an unsafe bill is the best way to go.
    Thanks for everything you are doing.

  7. Nicole

    Hi,Im currently on the central coast NSW, just returned from out west,practising as a hospital midwife.Thanks for the info,ive had no luck with justines bill sites,so this has fueled my knowledge so I can assist.My suggestion is we need to unite as one voice, one body, midwives, women,& the men, have been seperated for too long.How to do this??? Step by step in every state.talk again Nicole

  8. Rhoda

    Thanks for the reply Lisa,

    I didn't realise you were a midwife in SA. Doesn't this mean you personally won't be affected? I read that the SA state governement insures midwives. Was it actually too good to be true?

    Of course I don't mean that in the sense that if it doesn't affect you personally you shouldn't be concerned! Just looking for a little insight into how SA has it sorted.

  9. Lisa Barrett

    SA state government doesn't insure midwives. They have a state homebirth policy which means that the group practice has a limited homebirth service. The restrictions many so if you get in you'd be lucky and then yo are not guaranteed either your midwife or the birth you want. Independent midwives in SA are the same as independent midwives everywhere else in Australia.

  10. Rhoda

    Ahhh, nang.

    There's really not much else to say is there..


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