6 responses to “Plea for Homebirth”

  1. Sarah Stewart

    I hadn't thought of ringing Parliament House, so thanks for the suggestion.

  2. sarah bean

    wow, that sucks! well, obviously :(

    i'm an nz mother of two who was lucky enough to have both of my babies at home under the nz fully funded system – i'm moving to australia this month and had heard it was much harder there, but didn't realise it was about to become illegal altogether! :(

    anyway just saying hi as I had stumbled across your blog :)

  3. Rhoda

    I know this is last minute, but regarding sending comments by email on the exposure draft;

    None of the 4 links relating to it are working for me.

    Essentially, all they're asking for is us to send in, what? Our personal stories? Our reasons for disagreeing with the bill? Is it similar to the senate inquiry or completely different?

    (Apologies for last minutesness, computer has been offline all week)

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Anything you send in, supporting homebirth is important. Everything you have suggested sounds great.

  5. Hildy

    Why should midwives get an exemption when nobody else does?

  6. Lisa Barrett

    We don't want an exemption but a waiver until there is a suitable offer. As far as I'm concerned everyone should have the same opportunity.
    You can insure your teeth your leg or a random act but not a baby coming out of your vagina at home. It is a stitch up. Until the large cooperation of the AMA lose their strangle hold then womans rights shouldn't be tampered with.
    On the other hand we have been working successfully without insurance for 8 years so why shouldn't we continue?
    What other profession would put up with being made illegal just because they feel like it.
    Why should the AMA even have an opinion on this. Midwifery and medics are not the same. When is the last time midwives had input into RANSCOG?
    The AMA shouldn't be given air time to spin their bias and idiotic claims let alone priority. Just goes to show the misogynistic world we live in.