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  1. Jo B

    You're dead right Lisa. I'm ashamed to have missed that point, even though there was someting in that "full collaboration with obstetricians and other health services" that irked me, but I ignored it, cos I was so relieved that something positive finally seemed/s to be happening. Thank goodness for you and your blog.

  2. Billie

    Once again i couldn't agree with you more. My only hope is that although it may seem otherwise when they say "full collaboration with obstetricians and other health services", these politicians who are supporting independent midwives are also supporting womens right to choose and not suggesting we should leave the final say up to the ob's.

    We had a beautiful collaborative transfer, complete with Rose still catching our baby and bedside placenta prints with a lotus placenta (something the hospital midwife was very intrigued by!). The comfort we felt knowing Rose was there to support us no matter where we ended up was invaluable! I do hope that we concor this battle and that beautiful births with independent midwives continue to happen.

    P.S. I have some photos of the bedside placenta prints if you're ever interested.

  3. Lisa Barrett

    Totally interested Billie

  4. annaewer