Denis Walsh and Andrew Lavender

I have had a week of reflection and waiting. So much is happening in this state and Andrew Lavender new state president of the AMA has made it his job to get anti homebirth rhetoric in the news as often as possible. He is on tv, radio in the newspaper. I have yet to see anyone question his research or ethics. He tells outright lies and nobody cares. I decided to let the week ride over me before posting again. I am over the whole episode.

One of the outrageous statements was regarding an article by Denis Walsh. He claims that pain of childbirth stresses a baby out. He is not in any way related to maternity in his day job and it’s obvious, I heard him on the radio discussing his own field of expertise and even that wasn’t great.

I was going to break down the article to all who haven’t read it but the feminist philosophers have done it so much better.

3 responses to “Denis Walsh and Andrew Lavender”

  1. Jo, UK

    Just to say that this link is great – thank you. It gives the most thoughtful online debate on the Walsh stuff that I've seen so far (and I'm trying to look at a lot of it!)

  2. pinky

    Contractions can stress the baby. But that happens no matter what you are taking for pain or not taking for pain. That has to do with oxygen reserve in the baby and how hard the contractions are. I really hate it when folks twist research to serve their agenda. It is intellectually dishonest. And that pisses me off. I have yet to read the article but I will.

    Are they planning on putting birth centers in each hospital so that women can have that choice?

    I don't agree with what they are doing in your country. I think women should have the right to choose. It greatly disturbs me to think the woman can be fined for not delivering in a hospital. What are they going to do about whoops babys? Will there be a criminal investigation?

    Homebirth is such a small portion of the population. I am still at a loss for why they are doing this.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, I am new to Aus, I Came from the UK completely oblivious to the situation on home births. Am totally at a loss of words.!! I assumed that I could get a home birth as easily. Lo!! am totally suprised, scratching my head at what exactly 'their' agenda is here?

    I have been reading and getting up to date from the time I came, it is hard to belive am reading what am reading. It seems that the choice to leave naturally in many aspects of life is not advocated for. From home births to organic foods for example. I love this link, and Mr Walsh.

    Is this a totally hopless situation? What can be done? Help me understand.
    (I am still getting a homebirth, but am wondering what I will have to do if and when I fall pregnant again, fly out of the country?)
    please fill me in.