7 responses to “Support from Marsden Wagner”

  1. Jo B

    Wee, wee, wee! Let's hope Nicola and the others in a position to make a difference read and absorb stuff from this man – in addition to all the stuff from everybody else!

  2. Kel

    do you think you/me could use some of this letter in a response to this weeks courier article on 'unsafe homebirth'?

  3. Billie

    What a fantastic letter. I can certainly see why you would wee yourself if he wrote to you! A very articulate and well backed up argument. i'm embarrassed to say i've never heard of him before. Well at least i have now so i can do some research. As always, thanks for keeping us updated Lisa. Looking forward to hearing more about the births! X

  4. Lisa Barrett

    I definitely think you should use it Kel.

  5. pinky

    Ausy women should have the right to decide what is best for them. Here in the States if something goes wrong we blame it on the provider. The provider should be the expert. But women should be able to choose. I am not a big fan of home birth. But it pisses me off beyond belief that your civil liberties could be trashed so easily. It make me think, "what is next?"

  6. Gloria Lemay

    He's a friend of mine so I'll get him to write to you, Lisa, as long as you can get video footage of your wet response and post it to the blog. His book is "The Birth Machine". He testified for Mary and I in our big midwifery trial in 1985. Love Gloria

  7. Lisa Barrett

    Gloria you know everyone!!