4 responses to “We Love Homebirth”

  1. Ries

    This was so cool and made me want to cry, … all that JOY! Is there any way we can get it on national TV, maybe on programmes like Today Tonight and the other states simililar shows for a five minute spot? it seems the only ones blogging home birth are those already involved, and the rest of the world, including FUTURE BIRTHERS are completely unaware! 20 years ago when I was 21 and pregnant with my first I searched out everything, but there was very little on home birth…(but I found Leboyer's book) I ended up with a recognised home birthing GP and a great birth in a private hospital, but even he did not talk much about other choices he offered, prob becasue he thought I had made mine fully informed… who is going to speak about home birth positively and publically in five years if we cannot make it public now? Are there rights to this fabulous non-threatening video? (with the great punch line!-the kids!!!!) love it love it love it!

  2. Janet

    You're welcome to use it. :) We have two others which were made for Homebirth Awareness Year in 2008 and are also very moving and effective.

    Glad you like it. Thanks for posting, Lisa!

    National Convenor
    Joyous Birth, the Australian homebirth network.

  3. Natalie

    Fantastic video!!! Loved watching it – it got me all teary as it brought back all the wonderful memories of my own HB. Would love to go along to Canberra for the rally….

  4. Gloria J. Lemay

    I've posted it all over the place here in N. America and many people have been educated and inspired by it here, too. Great work, Janet, and thanks for posting, Lisa.