Homebirth for a Midwife

I would like to share my joy at the arrival of my daughter Lucy Robin 7lb 6oz born 20th July 2009 0810. She is my first baby and was born at home with the help of a wonderful Registered Midwife, Lisa Barrett! It was the most intense, difficult, amazing experience I have ever had.


Quotes of the day “This is a stupid f#!%ing idea,” and “That was ridiculous.” One thing that I found very useful was thinking of every contraction as just one and just getting through that one, I vocalised and used my breath alot and some of the time chanted “one.” I learnt this from Gloria Lemay at the home birth retreat and I’m forever grateful.

dscf0782 When I got in the pool Rose had lit the candles from my mother blessing as I had her but in labour I said I was so hot, please blow out the candles they are not helping. Earlier Rose had put on the music – again as I had asked – but I yelled – turn that f!#%ing music off! Such a polite person in labour! I also told Mum I couldn’t deal with the video camera – thankfully she partly ignored me and we have some good labour and 4th stage footage – unfortunately the birth was missed as I turned around and shot Lucy out too fast!

Pushing was challenging and the internal pressure was full on. I could feel her head inside my vagina and was thankful to feel no cervix but remember thinking – there’s still so far to go. Luckily with the mindset that I may as well push as hard as I could and that it was just like a big poo Lucy came down reasonably quickly. When she started to crown it felt like I was going to tear to pieces and getting through this feeling to get her out was really hard. Lisa told me to feel her head and let her out slowly as I had done for lots of other women. I felt her – but she came out very quickly! Still in the water she was born in one big contraction – very quick restitution and I picked her up. I unwrapped her cord from around her body like I have for lots of other babies. She was pink and perfect and I still didn’t notice the mec! I was amazed she was a girl – all through the pregnancy I had felt male energy. I was so relieved she was out and I had caught her myself, at home, all perfect!


I got out the pool soon after as it was cooling down. We went to our own bed and I pushed out my placenta – thinking, can’t you just pull it out! Lucy fed well for about 2 hours. I only had a small 2nd degree tear that we didn’t suture and no grazes – very thankful for that whilst peeing!

lucy-poolEverything was perfect. We did it!

The support and care I recieved from my Registered Midwife Lisa was so crucial to me. The fact that she is registered doesn’t matter to me but the fact that her practising could be illegal is crazy! She is an amazing woman and her dedication to her clients is incredible. She went straight from my birth to another labour and 32 hours later she is still with that woman! What other profession would work under those conditions and keep going??? I thank her from the bottom of my heart and will march with pride in the rally in september with Lucy proudly in my arms! I can’t wait!

Just out of Interest, look how long this cord is.


2 responses to “Homebirth for a Midwife”

  1. Tara Lucia Zaicz

    Thank you for sharing! We are in the process of planning a home birth ~ it's our first child too. Your story is very inspiring and it's thanks to midwives like Lisa that we have the choice on how our children enter this world. x

  2. Kathryn

    Love and best wishes to you. I hope it is inspiring – it has given me confidence in myself :) The best start to motherhood. The choice to birth this way is so important Kat x