5 responses to “Homebirth – The Master Plan”

  1. Morag

    Policy meetings are sealed by a privacy act? That sounds pretty rediculous to me. I hope you continue to speak out, to let people know what's happening behind closed doors. Voices like yours are the ones which have to continue to be heard as this all unfolds.
    Keep going Lisa! Beautiful VBAC by the way. Just lovely!

  2. Nikoleta (South Australia)

    Oh Lisa, please continue to battle this.

    I had a homebirth through the MGP at the WCH (almost as the first mother to do so but ended up categorised as an "unplanned HB" due to admin issues) and read soooo many of your posts to prepare, to understand the risks as they compare to the risks of a hospital birth and a birth centre birth (because there are always risks). I birthed a 10 pound baby myself (my previous was 10.5 pounds in hospital unassisted but with epidural).

    I am still more risk adverse than yourself and other proponents of a homebirth but, my golly, given that a homebirth is, under normal circumstances, with no indications to it being otherwise, safer than a hosp birth (and this has been proven in european countries who practise homebirth as the standard model of care over and over), why on earth do we have to jump through hoops in order for it to be accepted as a normal way of birthing?

    I loved loved loved having a homebirth. And I am sure my baby appreciated not being poked in the head. I wrote as much to the senators. Please keep fighting for this to be a normal maternity option (I like that term better than 'choice') for our daughters!

  3. Julie

    Australian women need and deserve independent options. You can't control and regulate birth services so that there are no longer any options that are outside of the control of the obstetric hierarchy. No matter which way they attempt to do this, and even if they do try some interesting back flips to get homebirth as part of the system … there will still be parents who will realise that their alternatives for safe birthing are being curtailed and they will be force to look outside the system for reasonable alternatives.

    Just think, Lisa – in the UK you would be receiving financial incentives for increasing the number of homebirths you do! Here, in this insane system, you just get hassled.

  4. Anonymous

    I attended a birth last night (as a midwifery student) which almost bought tears to my eyes. The harshness this woman was exposed to during a forceps turn and birth in theatre because 'babies can't be born in the posterior position and just in case it goes wrong we'll have to do a section'… Of course she couldn't push it out, lying back on the bed with a room full of stangers!!! But I'm just a student, what would I know…

    Makes it hard wondering if this really is the right career move for me??? I'm not sure it is after all, especially if the option to work as an independant is taken away from me!

    I'm behind you 100% Lisa. Homebirth has GOT to be an option for those who choose it.

  5. Heather

    Thanks for the link to the Jan Tritten article – you are right, very well said!