5 responses to “Senate Findings on Homebirth”

  1. Joy Johnston

    Lisa I am very interested in the legality of the mandating of indemnity, and your quote from the UK, that "We do not have the legal power to impose indemnity insurance on nurses and midwives." adds to my curiosity.

    It may be that the only way midwives are able to challenge the legislative straight jacket will be by defiance, and eventually have it fought out in a court. I met a female Barrister the other day, and she told me that she would be keen to support me if I were needing legal help after defying this new law, not because she is interested in homebirth, but because she is interested in a woman's right to determine her own reproductive and sexual health boundaries.

  2. Nikoleta Tomecko

    OK, so what can we do now? I will purchase my "virtual" ticket to the homebirth rally, which I wasn't going to do originally. I am thinking of going to the rally in Adelaide.

    Is there anyone we can write to? Last time I used some copied text and some of my own, but this time I would like to write something completely on my own…

    I would like to support the Green's senator's recommendation that the whole model of care is changed to include homebirth as one of the options. Who should it be addressed to?

  3. Anonymous

    It really is terrifying to see how our country really works. This just shows that women's rights have not come nearly as far as what society believes.

  4. Claire Hall

    I have heard comments from those who have been through our legal system that legal "justice" has nothing to do with the truth – it is all about the spin. These laws if they come to pass also have nothing to do with the truth and all about the spin of the powerful medical lobby. They are about keeping women submissive to a patriachal and authoritarian medical system that denies the emotional and spiritual side of birthing. It is also ignorant of natural physiology of birth. It is women that need to stand up and sceam – NO THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! WE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO AUTHORITY OVER OUR OWN BODIES !!

  5. Anna

    I support you Lisa. I can't believe either that we live in a country/ world where money and power are more important than morality and truth.

    Keep up the great work.