3 responses to “Snakes and ladders”

  1. Rebecca

    Just another nail in MY coffin of free choice, isn't it?! I live in SA, and wouldn't TOUCH the state run 'program' with a ten foot poll!!! Better learn all I can from THIS 'legal' homebirth I'm having, cause looks like I'm 'freebirthing' next time!!

    Hope that the "Powers That Be" are reading this, because I'll hold YOU and solely YOU responsible for raping my Human Rights.

  2. loz

    Thank you so much Lisa for continuing to speak out we all know exactly how many of us would be excluded from homebirthing under framework such at that of the SA Governments.

    I am continually stunned at the lengths these organisations will go to in order to be accepted, the compromises they are making with the powers that be which directly affects the midwives who are their members who work independently and therefore indirectly us as their clients who expect and want more to their continuity of care then being approved by the local OB who says we are allowed to homebirth!

    But most of all I feel the lack of listening that has been involved is just yet another slap in the face for us women who shouldn't have to be fighting for the RIGHT to give birth where and with whom we DECIDE, in 2009 the Government or any other authority body has no place in MY business!

  3. Ries

    after reading the document, it seems that while they acknowlege and support the choice of women to birth in a place of own choice with a registered midwife of choice and have laid out that it is unacceptable to alienate those midwives who cannot access imdemnity, and women who will not birth in hospital again. (I am one of them)…. the solutions put forward are not all appropriate ones. the one or two good ones will take too long to implement, and the others echo the medical model of care, are based on risk assessment only, or mean midwives must conform to regulatory standards imposed by the hospitals… the reason I am not going there in the first place! I do not want to attend a hospital for appts (waiting long hours) missing out on work time, or with kids in tow, to get a tick of approval for my home birth from a risk assessing ob. (which I will not get!) I am considered high risk by the establishment for med conditions, despite five vaginal births with no complications (two in water at home), I am having my sixth at home, because I would rather be comfortable with that descision than make a random OB feel comfortable about HIS descision, even though he may never see me again, and will not be the one in labour!
    I am interested in the comment of "minimum" standards of midwifery (registration/practice???) etc that are mentioned… HUH?… but am glad the article has at least listed out some of the midwifery practice reg stuff already in place to the govt, implying we are well regulated enough already… but do not think they have gome far enough to explain that renegade midwives do not actually exist except in the imagination of the risk assessment/medical model OB's minds. No midwife wants dead babies or mothers, and I know of no-one stupid or arrogant enough to suggest attending a birth as an 'expert' when they are not. Hence I do not want to see the specific expertise of my (currently) registered midwife, thrown out like garbage, or forced underground to then be labelled renegade by the establishment that was by it's own admission in this article formed for the support and advancement of midwifery/midwives. I think a close read shows they are trying, but are so caught up in matching medical model argument to appease the powers that be, that any govt offical would never know the difference or that women and families rights are being removed by the ammendments regarding insurance. They could have done much better! where can I write to this midwifery body? I want to challenge the label of home birth for "Low risk women only" and remind them of the meaning of MIDWIFE!