8 responses to “Australian College of Midwives Draft Homebirth Plan”

  1. Tanja

    "The College supports a woman's right to self-determination and control over her body and her pregnancy, including the right to give birth in the place of her choice".

    Sounds great. But apparently my right to self-determination is over-ridden by having a "complicated" pregnancy.

    I HAVE self-determination. I HAVE control over my own body and pregnancy. I HAVE the right to choose the place I give birth. I HAVE AUTONOMY.

    I refuse to take these scraps. My scarred uterus and I will continue to birth at home even if the ACM refuses to believe that I have basic human rights.

  2. Dr David Small

    Interesting post Lisa. I've put a link to it on the Celebrate New Zealand Midwifery FB page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=35776666002

  3. Rebecca

    I constantly find it interesting that you seem to be the only one who seems to be noticing the fact that all these medicos and midwives and all peripheral persons seem to have more of a say, more of a vote than the person who it means the most to. The Woman. The Mother.
    Having just had a homebirth (An utterly amazing experience which resulted in a healthy mum AND bub – shocking I know!) I would HATE to have had it any other way! Another person in my space? No Way!! Some medico 'informing' (telling) me what I 'can and can't do'? Sod off!!
    When will people (ie. anyone OTHER than the woman/mother) understand that this ISN'T about THEM?? It a right of CHOICE that ALL women should be able to make – NOT be 'allowed' to make, but a RIGHT!

    I just wanted to say – Everyone harps on about 'safety' and 'low risk', but at the end of the day, these 'professionals' go to their homes and continue their lives, and us mothers are the ones who have to live with THEIR choices and not our own – and to me THAT is wrong!!!!!!

    Keep Fighting Lisa! We are behind you and next to you, and I hope that our government understands that we are going to continue to fight, no matter what!!!

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks David.

  5. Janet

    I'm appalled by these, Lisa. I'll be back when I have a chance to pull them apart myself and write up a response in full.

    Quick response: APPALLING.

  6. Jo Watson

    Yes, I am appalled too. However sadly I am not shocked. Why is it ok to discriminate against a pregnant and birthing woman for any reason? I cannot comprehend what birthing in Australia will be like in 2 years time :(

  7. majikfaerie

    Don't be ridiculous. If women had choice, if they were informed, if they had autonomy over their bodies, can you imagine what would happen!?!? anarchy! the whole power-structure would collapse. people might work out that their babies aren't commodities belonging to the government who will train them to be subservient followers of the current paradigm. control over women's minds and bodies would be lost. honestly! what were you thinking? just nod and smile sweetly, now there's a good girl.


    (excuse my sarcasm. I've had a rough day)

  8. Amber

    I am woman hear me roar. And in childbirth I roared. I roared for the injustice bought upon the women I meet who have had their children taken from them soon after their unnecessary caesarean sections. I roared for the women who have been robbed of support as they birthed their beautiful babes or tried to stand up for their birthrites only to have them carelessly ripped away…and I roared against the ignorant compliance that took me through two surgeries before I discovered birth. Thanks always to my beautiful midwife who brought me home to birth.