5 responses to “Exemption 2”

  1. aussiemidwife

    I agree Lisa – this announcement is strategic – to try to deflate the rally in Canberra. I feel a great sense of unease of what's to come. Jane Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

  2. Joy Johnston

    We must keep the pressure up. Having read the transcript of the Minister's press conference after the announcement, the point that comes out clearly for me is that Nicola Roxon is placing responsibility for the whole mess around homebirth and private midwifery on the lap of the chief nursing and midwifery officer, for the recommendations of the MSR Report. I think midwives’ and women’s groups should now call for the resignation of the author of the report. The impact of bad advice to the government at this level has to be seen for what it is, and a person held accountable.

  3. Fed Up

    Another who feels that we will get tagged with "Selfish Greedy Women ~ Never happy!" after the rally on Monday. This announcement is WAY Too 'convenient' for my liking ~ Hey nickie ~ very obvious political tactics.

    Well, Guess What? I'm NOT happy. I want guarantees that Independent Midwives will be free to practice as they always have – NOT have birthing women and their families ** dictated to ** by over-officious government and hospital 'do-gooders' with God complexes.

    ~ My Body ~
    ~ My Baby ~
    ~ My Choice ~

    See Ya all In Canberra!!

  4. Sharon

    I think you could be right Lisa, but take heart … the campaign so far has obviously spooked them … we now have a big public profile and a lot of support, so as long as we don't comply and just go away, we're still in there. This is a stategic battle in a longer war – we just need to keep up the good fight!!
    See you in Canberra:-)

  5. Kristy A. Bennett

    Knowing what I do from my experience in Federal Government, this announcement looks to be the outcome of the workings of a Departmental Secretary. Basically, the catch is that all births are reported which could be a double edge sword. It means that in two years time they could either say home birth is insignificant *or* they would be faced with the cold hard truth that there is wide ranging demand for home birth right across Australia and that they need to re-think the whole insurance saga.

    It is really is a load of bull dust because any midwife previously practising in a hospital was covered under the hospital's insurance anyway. I firmly believe that this is a witch hunt and that it should not be tolerated. My best wishes go to everyone heading to Canberra this weekend.