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  1. womantowomancbe

    An older lady on an email list I'm on had a Classical incision, and later had at least one VBAC that was induced, yet she didn't rupture. "More likely" does not mean "definite," despite how some people practice.


  2. majikfaerie

    beautiful :) thanks for posting this. We need more vbac (especially after multiple Cs and classical and T sections) available to the world.

  3. Diana J.

    Great pictures, and such an encouraging story! Thanks for posting!

  4. Rose

    Oh the look on R's face holding her babe is so beautiful!
    Well done to her and you for supporting her!

  5. namaaraalee

    congratulations to you strong mumma.
    so wonderful to see such joy.

  6. sheelnagig

    Another baby enters the world and it's just a birth. How lovely for this mama and her family. *cheers*

  7. Suz

    Whilst it's lovely that this woman got to do what she wanted, I would really like to know two things. Firstly whether she and her family understood that if she had a uterine rupture at home she (and her baby) would probably not have survived? As you know, uterine blood flow at term is 500-750ml/min – so it doesn't take very long to become profoundly shocked, although I will grant that blood loss will not continue at that rate given the absence of autoregulation, so once a woman with a ruptured uterus has lost 30-40% of her blood volume then loss should slow down (of course this would only take ~4-5min, by which time she is already in stage III hypovolaemic shock with hypoperfusion and potential hypoxia for the baby, her brain, her kidneys and her heart).

    Secondly – if uterine ruptured (or amniotic fluid embolism even) had occured – what was your management plan? How were you going to prevent her and her baby from dying?

  8. Lisa Barrett

    Please show me your stats to back up your tiny risk. Of course she knew the risks and she knew that she was far more likely to suffer complications from more surgery. Now THIS has been researched and proven.

    Please let me know where the paper that says an amniotic fluid embolism is more likely in birth after a section than in any other birth.
    If she suffered an embolism at the hospital could you tell me the management plan to prevent her or her baby from dying? In Adelaide over the past few years there has been one maternal death from embolism and the woman was having a ceasarian section and NOT a normal birth.
    Scare mongering and uneducted bullshit is something that woman are starting to see through.
    There are many risks to birth and woman are not stupid.
    In How many of the thousands of babies that died last year after unnecessary intervention was the woman informed that there were risks to medical practice? Homebirth women are the most informed and educated women in the country. They have to be because of the constant witch hunt.
    Do me a favour and undertake more research on the actual figures before only explaining the catastrophes.

  9. Abby

    Well Put Lisa!

  10. Elle

    this is just such a gorgeous birth
    I know the mum in question & I know how much this meant to her & I know that she knew ALL of the risks involved exactly.The overmedicalisation of birth within our hospital system & the misinformation given by medicos & all other protocols that make no sense try to scare women so that we remain within their enviroment & midwives are kept to the role of the good nurse-Highly political
    women die in hospital too,as do babies far more frequently and far too often due to hospital error.
    Good on my friend,her partner & her family for being brave ,strong and believing that a woman's body & the miracle of birth goes beyond the legal political expectations & limitations of our health system & good on Lisa for being there,& facilitating this for such a lovely person!

  11. Anonymous

    The risk of amniotic fluid embolism is remote, however the risk of uterine rupture is significant,given the number of caesareans and the fact that one was a classical especially when you consider in the home birth setting the likely outcome is death of the mother, or baby or both. This risk is significantly higher than the risk of caesarean section. You may have adequately explained the risk to this woman, however women reading this blog are led to believe that this is very safe which is a misrepresentation. Doctors in the public system try to avoid caesarean sections and all women that have had only one LSCS are offered a VBAC but at the end of the day the aim of birth is a healthy mother and baby.

  12. Lisa Barrett

    The rate of death from section is 1 in 2500 this goes up after each section although the normal birth risk is the same and not getting increasing. If the aim of birth is a healthy mother and baby maybe the risk of a major operation should be taken more seriously. death from vag birth 1 in 10,000 from section 1 2500.

    Lying and saying the likely hood of a death by homebirthing is the sort of fear mongering used by Obs to get what they want. The risk of being sued removed.

    The truth, even saying we don’t know the real risk here but we are doing our best to look after you would be preferable to . You re baby and you are likely to die if you have a normal birth after these sections.

    Saving women from themselves is a load of bull shit.

  13. The Plewrights

    "Doctors in the public system try to avoid caesarean sections and all women that have had only one LSCS are offered a VBAC"

    I'd love your references to support such bullsh*t claims. Are you f***ing kidding me???

    As a victim of two unneccesary cs's and vba2cer I find your comments to be completly ridiculous and false. Care to share how many birthing experiences you have? How many cs experiences you've had?

    Anonymous/Suz, whoever you are you sound like an upstart med student who just had a lecture about shock and wanted to show how good your regurgitation skills are.

    Do us all a favour a F*** OFF!!!

  14. Bronwyn

    Hi, this looks like a great birth. I’m very interested in reading the whole story if it’s available.

  15. Lisa Barrett

    I don’t think she’s finished the whole journey yet. You could always get in touch with me though.

  16. Joelene

    I have had 3 c-sections. My last was a classical without informed consent. While trying to birth my baby in a hospital who was supposedly a VBAC friendly hospital, I was physically and emotionally abused. They sent “Risk-management” in more than once to continuously “inform me of the risk” and that “at any time my uterus could rupture and one or both of us could die.” I call this harassment.
    The doctor refused to give me an epidural because he was afraid that if I ruptured I wouldn’t know. Um, I think I’d know!
    They held me down by force to insert an internal monitor on my baby’s head while I was screaming for them to get the H E double hockey sticks off me! By then the baby was distressed and I could visibly see that his heart rate was going down and going back up. I was frantic and agreed to the C-section. When they were off getting everything ready, the heart rate went back to normal. When they came in to get me I called the section off and they blantantly told me, “If you don’t do the section now, we will not orientate the staff or the Operating Room to do the section later.” I was horrifed and worried that they wouldn’t care for me in case I ruptured.
    I agreed to the section and while in the Operating Room the doctor told me to lie down. I was breathing through a contraction, as the anesthesia had not taken full affect yet, and he ran from across the OR, placed his hands on my shoulders and slammed me into the Operating table.
    While in surgery, I asked why I felt the surgery being done up so high? I had had 2 previous lower transverse C-sections and remembered the pressures and where they were. The anesthesiologist told me, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, everything is normal.” I assumed that they were repeating the same cut as the prior two (lower transverse). When my mom was finally able to see the surgical site, she gasped and I knew something was wrong. She asked the nurse, “Why is her cut up and down like that?” The nurse replied, “We did that so she can never attempt a VBAC again.”
    Now, people, tell me why women are starting to birth at home? Why they don’t trust the hospitals or the doctors in them? My son was born pink and healthy with apgar scores of 9 and 10 at 10 pounds 11.6 ounces and 23″ long. The doctors knew he would be big and knew that I had had 2 previous C-sections. They were trying to prevent something from happening rather than treating something that had happened, which resulted in an ugly scar that ended up infected. I was sent home with my staples and stitches removed and to heal from the inside out while caring for a 2 and 3 year old plus my newborn. I had to set aside time to care for my wound more differently than a normal c-section, plus wait for a visiting nurse to arrive at my home to make sure I wasn’t blood poisoned from the terrible infection they gave me.
    They didn’t have to do a classical. Do the research. Research says they do it if there is problem, especially with premature or especially small babies. I suppose a nearly 11 pound baby is sufficiently sized for a lower transverse section? Wouldn’t we all agree? And sometime if they can’t get a baby out they will start with the lower transverse and extend it to a classical. They never touched my lower transverse scar. And yet they were so worried it had ruptured. If it had ruptured, don’t you think it would need suturing? They never looked. When I asked the nurses if I could speak to the doctor several times, he never came in. I asked the nurses if they would ask the doctor why he did the classical. They only told me, “It was the doctor’s preference.” OOOOOHHHH that made me furious. You don’t even know.
    I am now on the search for a midwife who will assist me in a home birth after 2 lower transverse and 1 classic c-section. I am literally terrified and repulsed at thinking of having another baby in a hospital or by c-section without reasonable cause. My 3 c-sections were done in 2 different hospitals in 2 different states. They are all the same ladies and when you find one that’s different, they are very few and far between. RARE.
    I hope people have learned something from my story. I know I did.

    1. Georgia Vorhies

      I am crying as I read this. This is an outrage and I hope you hold those responsible accountable legally. So very sorry this happened to you.
      I am now a grandmother expecting my ninth and tenth grandbabies in the next half year. In 1984 I had my first of three homebirths after three cesareans. I had inquired about VBACs with both the second and third babies but I was accessing the wrong practitoners, MDs, and places of birth, hospitals, to realistically expect that to happen. After my third cesarean, the doctor visited me in my hospital room and told me that he had used a classical incision on my uterus, therefore, I better not entertain any further thoughts of VBAC. I wasn’t well informed at the time and feeling powerless and did not even question him. Later, when planning my first homebirth, we accessed my medical records and found that the incision on my uterus was a low transverse over my previous incisions! That doctor lied to me to intimidate and control me. What a joyous empowering triumph the homebirth of my son was after a long posterior labor.
      Of course you are terrified to think of having another baby in the hospital and I hope you will find a midwife to assist you. So glad you are telling your story, for your own healing as well as for the education of others. Please do update us on your journey in the future.

  17. Tanya

    my first 4 children were born naturally, though they were all induced early, but the damage to my neither region got progressivley worse from the epeziotomy with bub number one, to the point where it didnt heal completley, so my doctor offered me a cessar with my 5th, 6th and 7th children, which i agreed to as i believed the pain would be less then the stitches and problem healing below, sadley i was very wrong, my first cessar was ok, everything seemed ok with a little infection, but the following two cessars were excruciating, in the third the pain was so bad that i went into convulsions and my blood pressure went threw the roof, i was so scared, i am now pregnant with our 8th precious child, and i want to do it at home naturally, im a little scared but i believe that it will be a lot safer and a lot less painful then attempting another cessar, sadley i can say that doctors dont all encourage natural births, infact some will happily give you a cessar or in my case 3, it has taken me 9 months to feel recovered from my last cessar, they have been very hard when caring for a young family, i guess my only question now is,are there any midwives in the coffs harbour area that will deliver vb after 3 cessars at home?

  18. Sarah

    Hi My name is Sarah,

    Joelene your story is disgusting!!!!
    lisa wat a lovely birth story!
    I found this site while looking for some info on natural birth after a uterine tear.
    I have had 2 c-cections
    1st for Breech presentation
    2nd for failing to progress during attempted VBAC
    During the second ceasarean, because I had been in labour so long, my uterus had
    thinned out alot so when they made the insision My uterus tore vertically all the way
    through my cervix.
    What Im wanting to know is have you heard of anyone with a similar story to mine who
    has gone on to have a natural birth or am i destined to have another c-section??
    Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated.
    FYI- i have been told, of course, by the obgyn that i will have to have a repeat c-section..

  19. laura

    Hi, I read these stories an can’t believe how women are treated. So sad. I’m looking for more info about having a natural birth after having 1 classical c section an 3 transverse. I wana go the safest route. I’m also getting ready to have a tubal reversal done in 6 months. The only reason why I had a classical c section is cause my baby was 3 months early an coming feet first. I was 21 at the time. Since then the docs have told me I had to deliver c section with the rest of my children. Which I went on to have 3 more c sections with no major problems other than 2 staph infections. From surgery. Any advice or direction would be so appreciated. Thank u

  20. Melissa

    I have had 2 c-sections & 3 VBACS. My 1st Section was due to breech position, the second was because the hospital I was delivering at did not offer VBACS (it was a small town hospital). My other VBACS were just fine. I am now pregnant with baby 6. I would love to have a home birth but in AZ it is illegal for a certified midwife to deliver a VBAC at home and could lose her license. I am not comfortable delivering w/o a midwife.
    Does anyone have suggestions on states where this is possible. For example I know in UT not all midwives are licensed and so have less restrictions. And in Illinois homebirth midwives are (or were) illegal but the definition of “delivering” was the person who caught the baby. So my friend who delivered all 6 at home with a midwife got around this by having hubby catch.
    Online info is a little sketchy and sometimes outdated. Any help would be great!
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Katie

    Our bodies are simply amazing! Made to birth and made to heal! Well done to this mama, from another vba3c with an inverted T :)

  22. kylie

    Wonderful story!!! VBAc3ers Need more storys like this one. Lisa what sight should I go to for more info on how long to wait before concieving my fourth bub after three c’s and how to organize my self mentaly and phisicaly for a healthy pregnancy,bub and homebirth after 3 c’s keeping in mind Ive just turned thirty three, Does my age make a difference? Also all three of my babys were fat and weighed 9 pounds each. I was going to have a home birth last bub but that was squashed at twenty weeks pregnant when my daughter was diagnosed with tetralogy of falow.

    Her cardiologist said the birth would not affect her condition its only after birth she may need attention. So hospital was my option. I refused a sceduled cs. Went in to labour at 41 weeks and 6 days. Its all a very long story ending in abuse heartbreak and fear for the future. Punch line is I was doing well till I gave in to a passive aggressive and very manipulative OB or as I like to call him SOB.