Our House

Here’s one for all you Politicians with an RSS feed to my blog. Not really birth but my daughter made this and I can’t load it to my other blog. It won’t upload to youtube or facebook because of the song violation but I think it’s great.

4 responses to “Our House”

  1. Tania

    OMG Lisa, they have everything on you now, even your dirty washing! Careful though, I think your daughter may have planted some secret messages which might have inadvertently given away all your strategies. Bwhahahahah. Love it Joss…well done!

  2. Emsi

    Oooooo…. You are so dangerous and radical! Look at you with your husband and kids and two cars and pets and bacon and eggs and cleaning products all poised to TAKE DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!

    Nice one Jocelyn!

  3. Allison E

    That was brilliant! Great editing to the musice. Got a bit of a talent there. Now I know why you must have felt at home here last year!

  4. Kathryn

    Awsome! Love IT!