4 responses to “Rally Thoughts”

  1. Rachele Meredith

    It is far worse than any of us imagined and each new development sees medical control getting tighter and tighter. Authentic midwifery is being legislated out of existence. Oh, but that was an "unintended consequence". The carrot on a stick is a furphy. There IS no carrot; it's an illusion. Now it is all just damage control.

  2. Joy Johnston

    I'd like to know what is actually meant by 'framework'?
    I think it means principles, and the principles of midwifery practice have been agreed upon and outlined in the ICM Definition of the midwife.

  3. Claire Hall

    Great Blog Lisa! I agree whole heartedly. The morning of the Rally I watched an interview on ABC with Lis Wilkes and I was very dissapointed. Apparently, according to Lis, the rally was to obtain insurance for independant midwives to conduct homebirths? That is not what I was marching virtually for! I thought all of those WOMEN turned up to ensure they had choice around birth, not to demand insurance for midwives.

  4. Kathryn

    You're a classic Lisa! You go girl! Love the tongue.