9 responses to “Canada”

  1. Rixa

    Can't wait to see you next week!

  2. Lisa Barrett

    Ditto. See you there.

  3. Kelly

    ohh have a grand time and dont party too hard. (ohh, ok ,if you must) Say Hi to Rixa from me!

  4. Gloria

    We're waiting with open arms to love you up, Lisa!

  5. Rose

    well some of us have to stay in Oz and continue catching babies ;-)
    Have fun- enjoy watching my ever-so-famous bum, again!!!

  6. InfoMidwife

    Enjoy Lisa, great you are meeting up with Rixa. Keep safe will be watching this space.

  7. Alli

    Thank you so much for all you shared while in Vancouver. It was wonderful to meet you, now I want to plan a trip in your direction. ( I have always wanted to go!)

    Much affection,


  8. Jocelyne

    I got a first set of feed back after the Vancouver workshop. This is what participants are saying about Lisa and the workshop:

    All that responded to the question Would you attend a breech birth at home said YES.

    They said about Lisa:
    – Very eloquent yet personable speaker.
    – She was fabulous, entertaining, and so knowledgeable
    – I think I would have been turned off iff she was "extremely well prepared" with hand outs and a time schedule. She allowed us to direct its course with our question a bit which was good.
    – I really enjoyed the content of the workshop and the liveliness of the speaker. I liked the idea of normalizing breech birth, the historical perspective, the underlying research and also the common sense, the demonstration of the skills, the reinforcement of the notion of trust.

  9. mrs shortcake

    Have fun! I'm a home-grown Vancouverite, and I hope you'll enjoy your time here!