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  1. Tanja

    "you will first have to be an eligible midwife(we still don't know what this is) and get insurance for antenatal and postnatal care before being exempt for homebirth"

    So, in order to gain the exemption you first need to meet all the criteria which the exemption was supposed to exempt you from??? Riiiight. They're a bunch of nutters.

    What can consumers do to continue the fight?

  2. Anonymous

    I can't believe how everything has been left so quiet since the Rally! I've repeatedly checked Aust. birth sites (maternity coalition, HBA etc.) and no one is mentioning what is happening!

    The general consensus from public (comments on news articles, pregnancy sites etc.) think that anyone planning to have a homebirth are lucky because of the 'exemption', as if all the problems for the 'hippy' mothers have been magically resolved and we should be grateful to have this choice at all. Such BS!!

    Just as you say, this is not eventuating into a matter of freedom of rights and choices, but a matter of choices within the boundaries of what we're allowed to do and what we're told.

    With all the impossible hoops that midwives attending homebirths will have to jump through, it looks like my only homebirth choice will be a freebirth.

  3. Funny Pharm

    I totally agree – facing the birth of my first child in hospital in a few weeks, (Husband not supportive of homebirth, for the first) but I was really hoping the second could be one. Now it seems I have to have a freebirth if i want that option. I am confident in my baby, body and researching that I could handle a freebirth but that doesn't mean I want to! I want options!

  4. Christine

    Consumers can (and need to) continue to voice their concerns about the legislation. Most importantly, we need to continue to write and call Senators – again- (the legislation is currently in the Senate).

    Continue to try to get press coverage in local, regional and national media.

    We need to continue to talk about it with friends, family and anyone who will listen to raise awareness of the issues.

    It is difficult to keep up momentum on the issue with jobs/family/busy lives but if we don't, nobody will.

    On this website is a list of key senators to target with contact details. http://earthmamasweb.com/

  5. Rose

    Of course the subject hasn't disappeared- they just don't want us to know about it- because try have realised the 'power' we can have eg the rally!
    Todays announcemt from Nicola is scary….. To claim Medicare a MW must work with an Ob or GP!!! We are totally fucked now! Thanks AMA, I mean Nicola….

  6. Cush

    " Dear Dr Lavender, would you like to go out for lunch this week?. "
    Classic! :)

  7. Suz

    "Quantum physics and epigenetics are the latest discoveries in science"

    Really – did you miss the last 109 years since the quantum hypothesis was proposed by Max Planck (yes, it really was in 1900 – on the back of work begun in the mid 1800s)?

    Are you aware that we have known about epigenetics (specifically genomic imprinting) via it's role in Angelman and Prader-Willi syndromes since 1989 (yes, 20 years ago!)?

    These are areas of science that are older than antibiotics (introduced during WWII).

  8. Siam, Zia, Tony Ca Hoanh et Marika

    I am going through your posts and just saw this reference to canadian midwives. I am a midwife in Quebec, Canada (French part of it). We don’t work with priviledges in hospitals and we don’t have to follow their protocoles. However, we have to follow our Règlement, which is a legal document saying for example, that we have to do a consult with a doctor for postdatism (past 42 weeks), than the couple will decide what to do with the recommandation. We can follow women having VBACS, but no breach (which is too bad, but I’m hoping it will change). Just to say that I feel we have more freedom because any midwive working in the province follows the Règlement and there is no OBS who can change the way we work (they had their say in the Règlement though I beleive – lobbying wise).