16 responses to “Lisa’s Trip to Canada”

  1. Laureen

    Grin. So when *are* you going to be on Twitter, eh? =)

  2. Lisa Barrett

    Sorry I spelled your name wrongly.

    I am on twitter, it's on my side bar on this blog. I'm purpleanvil. I just don't have many friends that follow it. I need someone to explain the point of it to me.

  3. Making of a Montessori Mum

    WOW! Sounds amazing Lisa. Thanks for the update. Lisa Uncut – I like it (but really when have you ever not been uncut. That is how we know and luv ya! )

  4. Kelly

    sounds fantastic! much more exciting than my oral epidemiology conferences! Gotta just love being around all that learning and sharing vibe. Conferences are cool. Bring on collaboration and the push for natural birth.

  5. Anonymous

    hi Lisa
    I was in your breakout session, sitting on the floor at the back!

    Your presentation were the best part of the conference for me. I had two short, easy homebirths and then was pregnant with twins – both footling (though after your talk, I really wonder if they were complete with toes pointing down)

    No OB or MW would support me through a breech birth and I really felt that although I knew my body could do the work, no one else could or would support me. I arrived at hosp 10cm dilated and had a section.

    You give me hope that one day women will truly have informed choice and I am terribly disappointed that homebirth midwives will be illegal in Australia.

    I just needed someone to 'believe'. I am glad you do what you do. I am glad the momentum is there and I hope women will start to demand more out of their OB's.

  6. WiseWoman

    Thanks for blogging all this, Lisa, brought a big smile to my face. The photos are great to see. You were such a hit with the women who came to the study day in Vancouver. I'll post the link to this post so they can all comment/read it, too.

    Looking forward to March in California. Gloria

  7. Karen

    I am so jealous!!! I would love to meet all these wonderful people. I have actually met Jane Evans, when I sat next to her at a Study Day and she is fabulous. I felt so privileged that day :) Thank you for posting about your trip so we can share virtually.

  8. AmbyUK

    How interesting, I would have loved to have been there (although I'm "just a layperson" at this point in time). I had an undiagnosed breech baby born at home in a waterpool here in Scotland, it felt quite different but I just went with the flow and found hip pressure felt wonderful during contractions. When she was born I leaned forward and stayed forward whereas I had wanted to sit back a bit so I could see her being born, but it just didn't feel right.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. stand

    I was sad to miss your presentation. I hope that CBB taped it so we can at least watch it later. I wish we'd had more time to talk–it was such a whirlwind trip for me. I was in Ottawa for 48 hours exactly–and so much happened in that short amount of time!

    ps–can I post the two pictures of me and Dio on my blog? I didn't bring a camera so those are the only pictures I have from my trip to Ottawa.

  10. Sora

    Glad you're back home safe and sound, and it was lovely to meet you in person! Your presentation was definitely a highlight of the conference for me, after all of the talk about the need for provide to be "breech-competent" it was so refreshing to hear you emphasizing the importance of being "breech-confident!"

  11. Kathryn

    Wonderful Lisa – making waves around the world. An international star! Wonderful to hear about other breech homebirths and sorry to hear that no one was there to support anonymous. Breech or cephalic, women just need someone to believe in them – to hold the space :)

  12. Rose

    Of course the rest of the world loves you! How could they not?! I love you un-cut anyway ;-)
    can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow! Xo

  13. midwife of the plains

    Thank you for posting this info Lisa. I was unable to make it as I was attending a birth during the conference.
    Do you know if there will be any conference tapes or online videos available?
    I am hoping to attend next year's if I plan it right.


  14. Lisa Barrett

    I think there is going to be a dvd.

  15. Nicole

    Hello, I was reading your blog, I'm so glad there are many who post topics like this one, but I was curious, you talked about showing a kitten birth, is that a video you will post here on your blog?

  16. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Nicole, I wasn't going to post it. It's the comments by my husband that are good and I was able to use to illistrate confidence. He says he's been in touch with me and I know about these things, the kitten comes out and he is nervous, at the end he says, isn't it amazing that cats know just what to do. Of course with the next set he didn't ring. He had no more skill with birthing kittens but he believe in the cats ability to give birth so wasn't in the least worried any more.