6 responses to “The Final Cut”

  1. Janie

    The totally f** thing was that later in that article the AMA were described as lamenting the lack of proactivity on behalf of members on this issue and that membership was down! So who does the AMA represent? Why have we and women of Australia been so screwed over?

  2. Joy Johnston

    Lisa your readers may remember back a few years when we, the Australian people, voted for a new government that would bring reform and renewal into health care. Julia Gillard was shadow health minister, and she spoke at a NSW midwives conference in 2005. She said “I believe that midwives … are key heath care professionals whose role in the care of women and their babies has yet to be fully realised in the Australian health care system”. She also said “Unless and until the Government is shocked and shamed into realising that Australian women … blahblah” http://midwivesvictoria.blogspot.com/2009/11/excerpts-from-julia-gillards-speech-to.html

    Prophetic words eh?

  3. Kathryn

    This is disgusting! Midwives are professionals in their own right and should not be lumped with nurse practitioners, should not be required to collaborate with Drs unless it is required as per WHO and do not need to be Midwife practitioners!!! As you said Lisa… A GP refused to be involved with my maternity care because I was planning a home birth. This was very upsetting at 8 weeks pregnancy with violent morning sickness – what happened to first do no harm! Obviously that was thrown out ages ago in maternity care! Furious Mumma and Midwife here!!!

  4. Rose

    Of course it was always going to happen- read her speech-she thanks the Drs then the nurses then the midwives! We are just the scummy shit kickers doing an Obs dirty work to her!!
    Even more hurtful, I think, because Nicola is a woMan with a young child herself!
    Also a very angry mumma and midwife!

  5. kerr

    So back we go to the beginning. Learning to give birth, learning to teach midwives / mothers who would help women giving birth and doing it in a community setting without government support or interference. Perhaps Nicola is doing us a favour. Cutting us away from the economically driven stakeholders in the health industry in Australia. Back to the textbooks and women's circles. Yay

  6. Rose

    Kerr- i like your thinking!!!