8 responses to “Long Cord Short Cord”

  1. Momza

    What a great blog to come across! Very informative! Thanks for taking the time to post in your busy life!

    ~Dawn aka Momza

  2. Nat

    What a contrast! The pic of the short cord in particular has me wondering… I was told a story once about a woman who had a c/s, ostensibly for something as spurious as FTP, and was then told it was “lucky she had the c/s because the cord was only three inches long”. It sounded like utter rubbish to me, but now I’m wondering, is it possible for a cord to be only three inches long? (I still doubt the veracity of the claim in this particular case because of other circumstances involved, but maybe I need to be more careful about what I write off as obstetric nonsense in future!)

  3. ries

    Hi Lisa, do you know if there are any RCT’s on the length of time for the cord to stopping pulsating prior/during physiological third stages… esp compared to say… waterbirth’s….??if temp is a factor, that might be shown if there is a major difference when cord remains in warm water after birth…and of course for how long etc….i’m interested!

  4. Pamela

    I’ve always learned that a more active baby will have a longer cord. Makes sense. :)

  5. Rachael

    I birthed with a woman last week who had an amazing cord. Right at the umbi mark there was a cyst formation about the size of a medium sided marble. It was totally separate from the vessels, and contained clear fluid. The cord was lovely and thick. I took a photo, but it didn’t come out very clearly. It was attached to a beautiful large and healthy placenta too. The cyst absorbed and didn’t present any problems to the baby as it dried out. Just a lovely variation of normal.

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Ries, there is evidence that says that the cord takes longer to stop pulsing in the water

  7. Ahmie

    anticdotal refutation of active baby=longer cord. my 1st was a perpetual motion machine in the womb & still is as he approaches his 7th birthday. He had the shortest cord of my 3 so far. My “oh my goodness are you OK in there I’m gonna drink some OJ just to be reassured by your moving” 2nd child had the longest of the three I *think* but 3rd’s cord was definitely longer than the other two (and his placenta also took the longest to emerge!). 3rd child is between the other two in activity level.

  8. Ahmie

    that should have been 3rds cord was definitely longer than 1st. I have a picture of my 2nd in my husband’s arms, cuddled to daddy’s chest in face-up cradle position, with the placenta on the ground between daddy’s legs, so I’d estimate the cord to have been at least a foot and a half possibly two feet long from that tho we never measured it. I had no trouble bringing him almost high enough for the top of his head to reach my collarbone before the placenta was born. 1st son I could barely bring his head above my navel in the same semi-reclined position (moved to that position after the birth, was not in that position when any of them were born). With my 1st if I hadn’t been on a narrow hospital bed I would have just rolled to my side to allow him to reach my breast until the placenta came out but instead the nurse-midwife cut the cord. we DID stay skin to skin for a good bit but not long enough IMO (maybe 20min at most, and I feel I handed my 2nd to my husband too quickly too, about 10min after placenta was out that time so maybe 35min after the baby was born… my 3rd stayed skin-to-skin with me for over an hour, was weighed within arms reach of me, got his first diaper and shirt on while I threw on some dry clothes , then his cheek was against my chest flesh or breast for the next several days… I don’t like being naked for extended periods, particularly braless in humid weather… too large breasted).