Meet Mr 3am -PUKE

Meet Mr 3am is an article about the president of the AMA. They did say that if it looked like the amendment was voted down they would pull out all the stops to ensure that midwives, women and homebirth were totally pulverised in the popular press. I think it’s started already.

The caption for the above picture was “Keeping vigil: AMA president Andrew Pesce checks on the progress of a baby at Westmead Private Hospital”. Photo: Steven Siewert. Surely nobody believes this crap. Why would he have any need to go into the nursery. Paediatricians look after this area.

He successfully lobbied Health Minister Nicola Roxon to make amendments to home birth legislation, ensuring that midwives would be denied Medicare payments unless they could prove they were working collaboratively with doctors.

The home birth lobby claimed the changes curtail a woman’s right to choose how she gives birth, but Dr Pesce cites it as his greatest achievement so far as AMA president.

”There is an article to be published soon in the Medical Journal of Australia which is a 15-year review of 1150 home births and it shows there is a seven times higher risk of a baby dying during home birth than a hospital birth,” he says.

This Little quotation puts paid to the government position that it they didn’t realise what all the rhetoric meant. It also makes a mockery of the senate inquiry. Why won’t the government be more up front with the public about what is going on here?. Why can’t people like me get a fair say?. I’d love to go to the senate inquiry. I’d even put my dreads back into a pony and wear smart clothing. I couldn’t quite do court shoes though. The truth is that nobody would take me seriously, although I have an IQ which I’m quite sure is higher than Dr Ps. I’m well qualified, have more than 20 years experience and talk all over the world, I do not look acceptable to the people at the top. These people make judgements not on what is being said, on the rights of the general public, or the facts and points, but on who weilds the most power, money and can look important. Oh well their loss.

me after a birth this week

Lovely moments after a birth this week. My very professional look.

There has been many rumours surrounding this 15 year review. Lets be clear even before we see it that it won’t be anything that has been properly looked at. Where the medical establishment would usually want double bind randomised like for like trials, when it comes to homebirth they will look at a retrospective anecdotal unsubstantiated biased and badly turned out piece of literature that for the next 15 years they will bring out and quote even if it is discredited. Exactly like the Bastien debacle.The last published figures for 2007. (2008 will be out shortly I think) showed in SA one still birth attended by a midwife and 3 stillbirths from unassisted clients , one of which didn’t even know she was pregnant and they weren’t sure of how or why the baby died or if in fact it had been born alive. There were however plenty of written up incidence of deaths at the hospital in the same year that were obviously hospital related. This is easy to get hold of and care providers like myself are sent booklets containing all the perinatal data every year.

Every time a baby dies at home (Don’t forget death is part of life and someone will have their baby die) it it splashed everywhere, the police are involved and the care provider vilified. If this happened everytime a baby died at the hospital there would have to be a 24 hour news service dedicated to it. Why do we have to try and pretend that a baby will never die just because dickheads like Pesce try to make us sound like baby killers.

”We feel that if we’re not listened to then the safety of the maternity system can be fundamentally compromised.”

When The Sunday Age visited Dr Pesce this week in his rooms at Westmead Private Hospital, in Sydney’s western suburbs, his patients were keen to point out that his new responsibilities have not compromised the quality of his care.

But the two worlds do occasionally collide. A few weeks ago, he had to cut short a live interview on breakfast television to deal with a patient whose labour was so advanced the baby’s head was crowning as the car screeched to a halt outside the hospital where he was facing the cameras.

Surely this doesn’t indicate that he is fab, it more shows that:

1. Obs are not the people caring for women.
2. This woman would have been safer to stay home and not birth in her car. She could have called her midwife who comes and keeps everything calm and helps hold the space for a women to gently give birth.

Indeed, Dr Pesce is a hard man to silence. But when Tarne Dirou enters his consulting room she proves it can be done. Due to give birth on Tuesday, she tells him she wants a silent birth, in line with her Scientology beliefs that words spoken during moments of pain can have adverse effects later in life.

Dr Pesce delivered Mrs Dirou’s daughter under similar circumstances. ”All the staff were happy to help out because it was such an unusual request,” Dr Pesce said. ”I’m happy to help women have the birth that they want as long as it doesn’t put the baby at risk.”

In the interest of collaboration Dr P should have consulted a private midwife for assistance with a specialist normal birth advice.

I assume that because he doesn’t want to put a baby at risk that he won’t induce a labour, rupture membranes, advocate epidural or narcotic drugs. Tie a woman to a bed with a ctg monitor or recommend that every 2 to 4 hours a stranger puts their fingers in the vagina of the carrying mother to increase the risk of infection.

7 responses to “Meet Mr 3am -PUKE”

  1. Kat Williams

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! If our top doctors “greatest achievement so far as AMA president” is destroying women’s rights and undermining another profession Australians should be afraid, very afraid!

    The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up with disbelief. Can it get any worse! Next thing we will be taken to jail for birthing our babies vaginally because they won’t come out with a round head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Julie

    “Who’s been in your ear?” sang Amber Burns to Nicola Roxon.

    He has now admitted that he isn responsible for manipulating the government and that all along, the voices, protests and evidence presented by thousands of other stake-holders were ignored in favour of his lofty opinion. It is also obvious that he has the press in his pocket as well as the government. How can the government even pretend there was/is consultation when he is bragging to the press like this?

    7 times more deaths with homebirths? Prove it.

  3. Ries

    PUKE is the word… I actually felt nauseas reading the article.

  4. Rebecca

    Nicola Roxon, as we all KNOW your ‘people’ read this Blog, pls comment on the fact that YOU have claimed that excluding and attempting to cause the extintion of Home Birthing was ‘an oversight’ and ‘completely unintended’ yet Dr Pesce has claimed THAT to be a lie with his rampant frothing-at-the-mouth phobia.
    Also, that report he quoted looks highly suspect, and I have yet to even read it!!
    Lisa – as usual, you say all the right things! What a huge pile of vomit, and the article makes him look worse!

  5. Rose

    silently vomiting here……

  6. Maria

    1150 homebirths in 15 years??
    That seems like a small amount of homebirths.

  7. Michael

    it’s amazing the irony you can find with a little googling

    “Fertility treatment is there to treat diseases that cause infertility, it shouldn’t be there as a lifestyle choice,” Dr Pesce said.

    “For example, single women (who choose IVF) don’t have a disease, they just don’t have a partner. Same-sex couples, they don’t have disease but they are using an option that gets around the natural order of things.”


    “ANDREW PESCE: We’ve always known that there is a higher risk for mothers of caesarean delivery compared to vaginal delivery and that’s for mothers, although it’s probably safer for babies.”