5 responses to “Week In The Life Of……”

  1. Christina Lundholm

    Lisa, you are such an inspiration and I only know you via reputation and your blog and fb. I am just finishing 2nd year Mid at Flinders and am buddies with Luci and Co… I had such a dream of becoming a Naturopathic Midwife (I also finished a degree in Comp Med this year)and have been so shattered by what is happening politically for Midwives this year, to the point of giving up! But you give me hope and I am really looking forward to your workshop in January and ready to soak up all your knowledge and wisdom which I will eventually probably have to take overseas… and that’s not what the Maternity Services Review was about was it?… I thought they wanted to train and KEEP Midwives in Australia??
    Looking forward to meeting you in January :)

  2. food

    oh YAY you. Profesionals ,like me , can get soo caught up in our own academic dialogue and paradigm and process we assume we know what were talking about…

  3. WiseWoman

    Can’t wait to see the new blog look.

    Congrats on another breech baby born vaginally. Without midwives attending home breech birth, no one would ever have questioned the poorly done breech studies that have led to so many unnecesareans.

    If midwives give even an inch of their autonomy away in negotiations, they never get it back. Midwifery autonomy is not negotiable. Homebirth is not negotiable. The laws must to reflect that things are done at “the midwife’s discretion”.

  4. Rose

    Geez I’m glad you are my midwife again!! Oh how different my experience could have been with a breech for my first baby and looks like another breech second time round?!
    Maybe another video for your wiz bang blog? ;-)

  5. Lisa Barrett

    Dear food, I can’t really tell whether your comment is sarcasm. Either way, thank you for entering the conversation. Maybe you could reword so we know what you really mean.