The Week That Is The Future

What a week! After flying to Brisbane to rally outside the ministers office last Monday I have been caught up with birth and unable to write until today.

What happened to me this week just puts into perspective how impossible these ridiculous proposals are. If they come in then the AMA can write their own guidelines for midwives that would supersede anything the board could come up with. Without the Dr’s OK a midwife can’t practice. Is it just me that wonders if their brains have left them? I could understand it if Andrew Pesce looked like Robbie Williams and Nicola was distracted by his body and the allure of his pheromones losing grip of reality, but other than that I am totally sure that she has very little going on upstairs.

I know I know but I love this picture

After a birth at home with a baby 5.2kg we had an unforeseen trip to the hospital. Not for the baby but of course she came along for the ride. The hospital immediately wanted testing on this perfectly well baby. The Professor of Paeds at the WCH then rung me at home to tell me that the tests are mandatory and it was my job to persuade the clients to have them done as the baby was about to suffer brain damage. I politely told him (word for word here) “I don’t tell you your job (insert name for politeness), please don’t tell me mine. It is not to illicit compliance or to dissuade or persuade but to provide information and support the choices made by the parents. Plus there is nothing wrong with the baby”

They proceed to frighten the woman by saying the baby was dying from an infection of the lungs, low blood sugar and could pop off in ten mins. Surely they were not seeing the same baby as I? Obviously some testing was done due to the outright lies of this doctor. I am pleased to say all is normal. Of course they couldn’t find anything wrong. There was nothing wrong in the first place, when the labour ward midwife and paed tricked my client into admitting the baby.

So this story above illustrated how Drs think collaboration works. I think it’s harassment and will be informing the relevant authorities so.

The vision is that Drs will have the power to veto a midwives medicare rights, rights to attend birth and registration. They will also have the right to veto where a woman chooses to have her baby. There will be no further independent decision making from a woman within the law.

Sounds just perfect doesn’t it. The 2 dimensional bureaucrats and egotistical MDs will soon rule the world.

I still would love someone to explain to me, on the off chance of being the most dangerous midwife in the world. Why does it make any difference to them? If a woman chooses to birth at home with me, what is their problem?

Personally I find it entertaining to think that they get off on this. Secretly in their office lusting after a feral such as myself to control, body mind and registration. I have no idea how Nicola ticks though. I just keep seeing Robbie.

9 responses to “The Week That Is The Future”

  1. sheelnagig

    The way hospitals and doctors see themselves as some kind of monitoring body for women, babies and independent midwives never ceases to piss me off. A lot. This is like how women are told they must have a booking with a hospital “in case of transfer”. WTF is that about? All it does is help maintain the myth that hospitals are somehow regulatory bodies around birth and here’s news: they’re not!

    A story like this one only underscores why women and babies are not safe in the system. Women are not even regarded as autonomous beings, capable of understanding and managing their own health issues or in this case, the lack thereof.

    Every time women and midwives set foot in a hospital these days they open themselves up to the potential of harassment and spurious reporting to various authorities. It sickens me. Imagine what it will be like when hospitals and doctors really do have free reign over us and our faulty minds and bodies.


  2. Ries

    totally agree Sheelnagig, except for this one point… Pregs with baby no six this year with Lisa to attend… I could NOT get a morphology scan from my longstanding GP or any in that practice. off to the W&CH who informed me that as I had an “independant midwife” and was planning a home birth, I could not get a scan with them, a public service! she had to provide it… wha?…(oh yeah with the non exixtant provider no they wont giveout… and now is a red herring for midwives who work with OB’s and dont NEED one! nor would they write a referral for me to get one privately… so I pulled the line… well, you are my back up hospital incase of transfer, would it not be pertinent to have some history on this pregancy, I can book in…etc… they FLATLY refused to see me as an outpatient, even if I turned up as a new patient… so I am interested in the turn around… to have women ‘book in’ just in case… I agree totally it is control at every turn…..
    and lisa… love the pickky!

  3. Rebecca - homebirther

    oh, but doncha know – pregnant women are childish stupid creatures who need the big stong doctor people to do our thinking for us!! Must save the girlies from having to think, we don’t want a uterus exploding and taking out a city or anything like that!!

  4. Kate

    So, the only way I can see around this crap they call collaboration is that a woman will be able to have the final say in her care, just like now, ultimately, she can refuse treatment or tests etc. So in theory, with collaboration, even if the doc doesn’t agree, the woman can say, no thanks and yes I still want my midwife?

    Clasping at straws perhaps?

  5. Taniatherobbielover

    I want to make a comment about the article and the ridiculous nature of what’s happening here…BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE I SIMPLY CAN’T GO PAST THE PIC.

    I know the world doesn’t revolve around me Lisa, but did you put that pic up specially for me??? LOL.

    Off to try and disable the pics on your blog so I can read the article unhindered by my wandering eyes and imagination…

  6. Anonymous

    I just attempted my dr visit with the “back up booking”, and we did not see eye to eye. Basically, the Registrar wanted me to have a scan for him to be comfortable with having my “back up booking” at the hospy. He said it would be going in blind. I suggested that then that is like an apprentice who can only use a nail gun as no one ever taught him the manual, use a hammer, method.
    I ended up storming out in tears. They chased me back but still gave me medical model crap. I DONT WANT AN EFFING SCAN. I DONT NEED ONE. I AM NOT CONVINCED THEY ARE SAFE.
    I was also asked insane, inane questions, designed indeed to make it look like I was an uneducated, uninformed, forgot to do my research, incubating baby killer.

    *also livid!!!*
    ps. how the eff did we get out of dem dar caves??

  7. Lisa Barrett

    Tan, the picture was just for you.
    Anonymous I’m so sorry that you had such a crap experience. Collaboration my arse. They don’t know the true meaning of the word. Have a great birth.

  8. Nikoleta

    I am forever grateful to the two midwives from the WCH MGP for not forcing me to go to hospital after (or during!) my unofficial planned homebirth. (I was to be the first to have a homebirth this year under their new policy but the day I went into labour we found out there were some outstanding admin issues.)

    I hope they didn’t get too much flack from the hospital but to think that this is what might have happened have I gone makes me sick. (I also didn’t have time to have the penicilin injection, so they wanted to give him an IV infusion) My son was 4.45kg so I feared the same issues with endless sugar level tests they forced me into with my second, 4.64kg boy. Targets that change by the minute (seemingly to make me give him formula no matter how much his level rose after breastfeeding), staff blackmailing me using threats of braindamage. (I have no idea how I managed to say NO after being up for 3 days and nights, a LONG labour and DD with gastro, after DH went home at 3am.)

    I KNOW that being at home was the reason I was able to have a natural birth with my third. Even DH commented how different the last birth was to the previous two.

    And to think that my friend in Holland can choose a homebirth as the standard model of care… like I said before, Lisa, PLEASE, keep up the fight.

  9. Sarah Stewart

    Loving your blog, always! I cant wait for you guys to see the results of a study that’s being carried out over here, looking at stats of caseloading midwives in New Zealand. Research shows women who birth in secondary/Tertiary units are 6 times more likely to have C/S.

    Also…love that photo of Robbie…yum!