3 responses to “Christmas Coffee Morning”

  1. Tinkr

    I have just read the first few pages of your blog,,, I love it. You are really inspiring.
    I homebirthed for both of my children and loved it!
    I just wanted to say that I truely appreciatethe service and support you provide to women and I hope it can continue.

  2. Maria

    That looks wonderful. Wish I could hop on a jet plane!

  3. Dr, Leigh Dick-Read

    I put this on Facebook. Inane, OK, challenging, indifferent … observations welcome – drsnca@gmail.com

    Breast feeding is beautiful. Most women breast feed in public not to flaunt themselves but to share the deep joyful experience breast feeding almost always is with their babies within a private but not hidden cacoon of love. If this was a normal part of our social lives the rest of us, especially we men, would be as glad to see it in passing and without intrusion much as we are glad to see a beautiful flower garden through the window of a passing bus.