6 responses to “The Real Birth Wars”

  1. Anonymous

    Absolutely brilliant Lisa

  2. Lisa Barrett

    I would love to take the credit for this but it was another fabulous birth activist. I’m still trying to get the size right. can fit it in but not centre the screen. I hate it when I have to work on the html.

  3. Julie

    Hi Lisa i had the same prob on my blog, half was missing – gah! then i went to facebook and grabbed the embed codes from where it had been posted on fb. then tried pasting that into the body of a new post on my blog – it worked. Hope it will for you too. great montage eh. Me, my three dds, two of my clients, my sleeping newborn and my optometrist brother are in this montage so *preen preen* – just a little. Such a great job by Maisey.

  4. Luschka

    I have always liked the idea of a homebirth, but had never given it much thought, until I became pregnant. I had the most amazing birth. My mom practices as a midwife in Australia, and was sceptical about a home waterbirth for a first time mom – until she attended mine. It was a magical experience, and I’m honored that it helped changed the minds of those closest to me. Here’s a short montage if you’d like to see: http://www.diaryofafirstchild.com/2009/11/18/birth-story-in-pictures/

    I love your blog – I tend to lurk in the shadows, but I do follow and enjoy it! Thank you!

  5. Christina

    I right clicked on the video and ticked “show all” and then it did… centered and whole picture in the frame :)

  6. Sheelnagig

    http://janetfraser.id.au/blog/2009/12/11/joyous-births-senate-submission-part-the-fiftieth/ That’s the submission I put in. Bracing myself for a big fat dose of being ignored now.