Here is my submission to the inquiry. I am so over the whole thing.

I wonder what is left to be said in a submission that hasn’t already been written more than 3000 times already. Why if nobody was listening before will this round make a difference? Is it possible that someone somewhere is going to put the rights of birthing women before the rights of the medical lobby to veto any woman in her desire to employ a midwife and stay at home? Lets hope so.

The international midwife community have a code of ethics that apply world wide.

Please find them attached. These are the boundaries that midwives work within.

It is vitally important for the ongoing health of the nation that these are taken into consideration and that the medical fraternity does not gain ultimate control of midwifery under the auspices of “collaboration”

Do midwives collaborate now? of course they do. Whenever the health of a woman is compromised assistance is sought by the midwife and discussion takes place with the appropriate specialist with full consent of the birthing woman.

A written collaborative agreement is seen by the AMA as cited on their website as a take over of care and the Obstetrician becoming the lead carer. Nowhere in their literature do women have the final say in their care or outcome.

In the community I work in as a midwife most general practitioners will not even provide routine health assistance like bloods or ultrasound referrals. Recently a client of mine had a threatening letter from her GP. This is not collaboration but coercion, control and harassment.

4 weeks ago I entered the hospital system with a client who needed some postnatal assistance. Her home born baby weighed 11 1/2 lb and although not admitted as perfectly well, was boarded with her overnight. During that time the Drs told her that her baby would die unless she entered into tests and gave her baby antibiotics. I was rung at home by the Professor of Paeds and told it was my job to persuade her into these tests that were mandatory due to her hospital stay. After reminding him that the baby was not a patient and that my role was information and support only, he went to her and once again said the baby would die. Although not accepting antibiotics but being too afraid not to agree, testing was done. The baby was of course perfectly well and a second opinion from a new consultant confirmed this along with an agreeance that going home asap was the best course of action.

This illustrates the dangers of a written collaborative agreement. Ultimate control by medics means that women have no opportunity for informed choice and can be forced into any form of care regardless to evidence or truth.

Midwifery is a profession highly regulated and respected in it’s own right as is medicine. To give one control over the other is not only ethically unsound but also against any work place law.

I have been taken to the Nurses board after an anonymous report from an Ob (later named) that had no substance but was purely malicious with the intent of causing distress to both myself and my client (who had a successful homebirth) because of his anti homebirth stance. Even after it was proven that I acted appropriately it is likely to happen again.

Many women do not want or require the input of a surgeon or a specialist in complex pregnancy. Why do the government feel it necessary to force every women to have it?

You cannot allow this bill to go through without women’s right to bodily autonomy remaining in place at all cost.

Thank you.

Please go and read Janet Frasers Submission on behalf of Joyous birth

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  1. Hannah

    I submitted mine yesterday but of course reading yours now makes me think I could’ve added more. I was so angry at having to write it in the first place, this is sickening.