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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Dynamic Dr 3am responds about his greatest achievement
Dr Pesce, self appointed arbiter for birthing women’s and the unborn child’s safety, has this to say in response to various letters in the Age newspaper after the article on his dynamic ability to influence the Federal Minister of Health, the Honorable Nicola Roxon. There is another letter following by someone else on the same issue.
Raising the bar
IT HAS been claimed that in an interview with The Sunday Age, I stated my greatest achievement so far as AMA president was to curtail a woman’s choice to choose a home birth. This is not correct.
Maybe he hasn’t read his own article.

I consider my greatest achievement thus far was promoting to Government a collaborative care amendment to legislation before the Parliament. This amendment underpins the importance of doctors and nurses and doctors and midwives working together to provide the best quality care for our patients. It confirms in legislation the recommendation of the Maternity Services Review.
The amendment does not impact in any way on the existing arrangements for midwives providing care for women who choose home birth. These midwives are exempted from the requirement to carry indemnity insurance, provided they inform their patients that they are not indemnified, and meet reporting requirements that will be overseen by the Victorian Health Department.
I assume that he is playing to the crowd here. We can’t get on the register without signing a collaborative agreement, then we have to get insurance for antenatal and postnatal (by being eligible midwives, whatever that may be) before we can get an exemption. I can’t for one minute believe that the head of the AMA doesn’t know these basic facts.

Similarly, in line with the recommendations of the Maternity Services Review, midwifery care for home birth will not be funded by the Commonwealth, so the amendment in no way impacts on midwives who currently provide care for women choosing home birth.
Dr ANDREW PESCE, federal AMA president
At what risk?
PASSIONATE single-issue advocates have been hard at work flooding The Sunday Age with pro-home birth propaganda. But who is looking after the interests of the unborn child?

One, the mother is looking after the interests of the unborn child. Two,If unborn children were to get rights over and above that of the mother, it would mean that women are no more than incubators and the medical establishment will have the right to do whatever they want in the name of a fetus. Bodily autonomy is the single most important issue here.

One assumes that the statistics speak for themselves. In the 19th century, when home birth was common, the death rate was more than 1 per cent of live births, leading to the development of women’s hospitals specialising in gynaecological care.
MMm No DR Pesce, the development of sanitation, the knowledge of hygiene (remember the doctors killing women due to their lack of hand washing) and improvement in nutrition. That’s why sending an Ob into a 3rd world country doesn’t help until they have clean water and sanitation.
While most home births are successful without intervention, so are births in hospital. (not true, check the figures, even birth centres are struggling)

However, when intervention is required, specialist help is immediately available. Women choosing home birth should be required to sign an undertaking recognising the risks that they are assuming on half of themselves and their unborn child, and to provide an indemnity to any service provider other than their midwife in the event of a crisis.

5 responses to “More Mr 3am”

  1. ries

    what an ass… why should I absolve any “service” provider from his/her actions in the event of a transfer… after all, that is the only reason another care provider other than my midwife WOULD be involved. is that collaboration??? or punishing me for choosing private midwifery care and a home birth? surely if I require transfer, the ACTIONS of any person once I attend hospital are independant of previous care.. what about a woman who chooses hospital birth but does not attend until 9 cms, and presents with problems, do they have to sign a waiver of libel for care given?
    what utter crap and drivel and LACK of care for the unborn, and their mothers…this guy is digging himself a bigger hole…collaboration???…I think not.. smacks of predjudice!

  2. Rebecca

    Collaboration = An Free Exchange of ideas, information, thoughts, works, etc. To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.

    Subjugation = To subdue, and bring under the yoke of power or dominion; to conquer by force, and compel to submit to the government or absolute control of another; to vanquish.
    Example – He subjugated a king, and called him his "vassal."

    Which one seems to fit better?
    I don't see how collaboration requires a signoff, but I can PLAINLY see how it fits Subjugation!

    Are Midwives now 'vassels' to the 'Kingly' status of the AMA ??

    Could have sworn Midwifery was its own profession…..

  3. Anonymous

    There are important considerations relating to risk, and the unborn child has no say. Surely the issue is about risk mitigation and the availability of expert medical care if it is required. If women feel more comfortable having their children at home that is satisfying there needs without necessarily considering of the needs of the child. Competent midwife care is available in hospitals as is expert medical assistance should this be required. I do not understand what all the fuss is about. Single issue advocates can be very passionate about their own self-interest, but not necessarily acting in the interests of everybody other than themselves. My recently born grandchild and his mother would probably have died if they haven't had access to expert medical help resulting in an emergency Caesarean. How long would you home birth advocates have waited in relation to this "failure" before seeking medical assistance?. And then what about the poor doctors who have to pick up the threads of homebirth disasters often at very short notice as emergency patients,and then have to assume all the risks associated with the birthwhen the complications arrive at hospital. If homebirth is so safe, all of you advocate should pool your resources and set up an insurance pool to provide the necessary indemnity. And you can get your rocks off at home as well as bearing the full cost of possible complications through the insurance indemnity provided. I'm sure if it is so risk free the Self managedinsurance pool should not be a problem

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Most "life saving" surgery has been proven to be unnecessary, Did the woman have an induction, augmentation, epidural, was she timed out? Did the Ob have a busy schedule. All these questions need an answer before even considering that the surgery was in the 5/10% of necessary surgeries in this country and not really one of the 25% that are not actually needed.
    There are not homebirth disasters. Transfer due to complication shows great midwifery skill in recognising deviation from normal and collaborating with a specialty in complex birth. Women accept their own risk even after arriving at hospital.
    At the moment there is no insurance and no government payout. So even though homebirth women pay tax for health they get nothing. The full cost is carried by the consumer in all homebirth. Quite unfairly.

    As Insurance doesn't change risk, practice or outcome it doesn't seem like anyone but the insurance company makes money out of this. Perhaps if we took insurance away from Obs they would think twice before stepping in with dangerous intervention in the name of arse covering and think more carefully about what is really required.

    I assume you are a man as getting your rocks of isn't something that women normally say. It sounds very much like you have no actual knowledge of the real situation for birthing women. How sad for you to be so arrogant and opinionated with no foundation of actual knowledge. Makes you sound just like someone from the AMA.

  5. ries

    to anonymous. I am not a single issue activist just because I choose home-birthing. But I am a mother whose single aim was the safest birth for my baby.. who else AM I responsible for? I am NOT the Dr who told my best friend in the emerg room after 8 hours that she was NOT in labour at 21 weeks, after a VE 'proclaiming' the cervix was closed. my friend birthed not 5 minutes later a breech born baby who died in her arms before the bell was even answered by her expert nurse…(Dr's finger was up the baby's bum by the way and a premier's letter of appology sent after investigation) do NOT tell me (and I am a nurse) that my actions are any different than a woman who choses a hospital birth as I chose that 3 times as well as 3 subsequent births at home. Clearly hospital will not be the holy grail you think it is to "save babies lives" for every one just because that's where you consider the experts adn equipment to be.
    You imply that you consider private midwives as inferior practitioners when you declare that home birthers 'should' have "expert" carers on hand. I had an expert carer, with her bag of goodies for emergencies, and a bag packed should transfer be required. I also tried unsuccesfuly to book into our local major hospital for back up so that the hospital would have full record of me and my pregnancy but was REFUSED as I "already had a care provider".
    Any woman's labour can begin unexpectedly and so presentation is via women's assesment unit at ANY gestation, no diff than a planned hospital birth…unless of course they are (gasp)planned INDUCED or Cesarean. Both of which are options for any woman planning a home birth. So the system is designed to cope! As I mentioned in my post, the last woman I birthed when I did my training walked into the room at 9cm's after labouring at home peacably. will women like her be persucuted or predjudiced for that choice by 'waiver signing'? will that make birth safer? or only those of us who choose to give birth at home and then decide to come in anyway for the safety of our babies get this treatment???
    and finally WHAT on earth do you think we did before hospital bookings….it's only been a hundred or so years of this mass medicalisation and risk management of birth. and NO it has not made it safer…get into the history and the evidence based research before sprouting opinion based drivel about "activists". I am insulted beyond fury, and so would my departed grandmother who HAD to give birth 11 times at home, as no such service existed for her. Get over yourself PLEASE and leave those who choose homebirth alone to Keep our service provider's as this is what we are talking about here.