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  1. Emma

    You *are* the future of breech birth, my friend. With so much love and deepest gratitude from Canada –for ALL you do, Lisa.
    And huge kudos to this birthing goddess for trusting in her body and her baby's innate knowing of how to birth.

  2. Sandi

    Great birth! I am an Amer. midwife working in the middle east, and vaginal breech is certainly getting rarer and rarer. Women at the hospital I work at can and do refuse c/s for it, but most opt for the section after the scare tactics of the OB's.
    I'm curious why you aren't wearing gloves? I'm not judging, but curious.
    Thanks to the family for sharing their successful birth!

  3. Lisa Barrett

    None of my photos have me wearing gloves. The parents dont. I wash my hands and I'm hands off. I know my clients and their blood status and they know me. Who would want latex to be the first thing to come in contact with the brand new skin of a baby.

  4. loz

    Thankful for continuing to share in birth in its purest form absolutely beautiful

  5. maria

    Thank you and this mom for sharing this!
    Amazing how that baby flops out like that! It may be normal but it has got to be a shock!

  6. Diana J.

    That was beautiful! I am linking from my blog. Could you explain about touching the cord and why it was done? I'd love to hear other things about how you deliver/catch breech babies safely anytime you feel like writing. Great video – thanks for posting!

  7. Kerrie

    Wow, what an amazing birth…I sat utterly enthralled watching it. The mama really trusted in her and her baby's ability to birth…many thanks to them for sharing, it's not something you see often.

    Again, wow…

  8. Sazz

    Breath taking. Thank-you to you and the Mama for sharing this moment :)

    Sandi it's quite a different ball game birthing at home rather than hospital. With so few people there and being away from all the illness housed in a hospital there isn't the need.

  9. WiseWoman

    Lovely, Lisa. Glad you figured out your tech problems on the video. Wonder if this woman/man/baby will ever know what you spared them. Congratulations to all.

  10. crazy mumma

    thank you for being there for this woman, she now has beautiful memories instead of a brutal unneccessary surgery like so many of us.

  11. Julie

    I'm glad you're a non-glove wearing midwife, Lisa. What an awesome birth for a first timer, what a privilege for us that we can see a birth that is becoming more and more rare (I was born vaginal breech so was my hub so I am kinda a fan of vaginal breech. Kudos to you Lisa for making vaginal breech still a possibility in this country, and kudos to this strong brave mama and thanks for this awesome video.

  12. Hannah

    Beautiful. thankyou and the mum for posting : )

  13. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks for the question about touching the cord. I don't always do that and it is highly discussed as being the best thing to do to give an indication of how much stressed the baby is and how much time to leave before deciding to actively expedite the end of the birth. I wouldn't do an apex beat as touching the baby may result in a morro reflex and nuchal arms. The baby wasn't too floppy and had been pretty active in moving down the canal with kicks relayed to us by the birthing woman.

    Falling forwards is normal. At the hospital they let the baby dangle from the next before the head is born, hanging over nothing as the woman is in stirrups. Now this seems horrific to me.

  14. Shana

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  15. Shannon@Vogue Mum

    Holy cow! That was incredible! I was a vaginal breech baby 30 years ago. Thanks mom for letting this be posted!

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  16. Rose

    Amazing Woman, Amazing Midwife- How lucky are we to have you Lisa?!
    I can't wait for my next breech birth with you………

  17. Lil

    Wow, what a wonderful birth!! I love it how the baby just sits there, just like it's waiting to be born, hehehe.

  18. Nieves

    AMAZING!!well done you and your baby!!!congratulation and many thanks for sharing!!!!

  19. Kristin

    So, so beautiful! Thank you and this strong mother for sharing this with us.

  20. Amber Morrisey - Birth Doula

    Watching this video, I was overwhelmed with this primal feeling, specially as baby makes an entrance with a bit of a plop. We are animals and given the space and peace to birth, it almost always turns out fantastically.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

  21. ries

    i cried….thankyou, it was a truly beautiful birth… blessings to all… blessings to you Lisa… i hope mum shows this to all the obs and staff who made life/pregnancy hard… bouncing her perfect non-brain-damaged baby on her knee as she shows them what IS normal…(use a portable dvd at a post natal check?) … go for it…it might save another woman the same fear mongering…I hear every day women getting the same line/lies and our culture deify's these 'gods' and the prattle they sprout in the name of coersion…(oh sorry was that 'safety'??).
    she is a brave wonderful example of faith and knowledge in action!

  22. Anonymous

    Beautiful! I was a breech bub by section :( how I wish my entrace could have been a boringly miraculous as this

  23. Sarah L

    Beautiful. Just.. beautiful. Thank you (and the family) for sharing. My last babe was born 5 months ago in the USA. She didn't settle vertex until nearly 39 weeks, so we were actively pursuing all our options. (Up until then, she was sommersaulting every few days!) Videos like this were part of what helped me decide to go for a vaginal delivery, even if she had stayed breech. Thankfully, there was one doc in our area who was willing to work with me. Even better, I she finally turned, and I didn't have to deal with it at all! Still, vids like this give pregnant mamas hope that it CAN be done – safely, peacefully and beautifully. Congrats to the mama.

  24. Annelle

    Magic to see

  25. Kat Williams

    Thank you so very much to this amazing birthing goddess who trusted her body at the crucial moment to birth her baby at home. Congratulations! Enjoy the natural ecstasy and be proud every day of your enormous achievment.

    Lisa – What can I say, you're fabulous! Thank you for all that you do for SA mums and for showing the world what is possible :)

  26. Christie CC


    I had the pleasure of meeting you in Ottawa in October. As a breech mama x 3, I can't thank you enough for the faith you have in women, babies and birth.

    It is interesting to me that she decided to stay home at the last minute. I had allowed myself the contingency plan of going to a hotel near a hospital, but when labor hit, I knew staying home was the right thing to do.

    With much admiration,

    Christie, Coalition for Breech Birth

  27. Whoz Your Doula

    Breathtakingly beautiful indeed! So grateful that this strong mama is willing to share. Thanks for posting. I wish you were around for me when I was forced into a c-section for my breech baby.

  28. Caroline

    Beautiful! As a midwife I look forward to supporting women in this way…have been at a few vaginal breech extractions where doctors took the lead but spontaneous birth lead by the women is so much better.

  29. Joy Johnston

    Thanks for this post Lisa and the mother.
    I am especially pleased that you were able to agree with the plan to go to a supportive hospital, and the mother had confidence to proceed.
    I have been enjoying Michel Odent, in Birth and Breastfeeding (pub Clairview, 2003). Here's a quote (p101) "I have come to the conclusion that, in most cases, the first stage of labour – that is, the period of dilation – is the best time to detect the women who should not give birth at home. The first stage of labour is the only time when the quality of the uterine contractions can be evaluated by an experienced birth attendant. As a general rule, the risks are minimal when the first stage has been straightforward. (Of course, an evaluation of the physiological potential of the labouring woman is only possible in an atmosphere of complete privacy.) Thus, following this strategy, I do not refuse to attend a woman for a home birth in advance of the onset of labour just because she happens to be expecting her first baby at age 40, or expecting her first baby who is in breech position, or because she has had a previous Caesarean section, for example. It is not too late to make a decision about the ultimate place of birth during the first stage of labour."

  30. Making of a Montessori Mum

    amazing, brilliant, beautiful! XXX

  31. Anonymous

    It was magic just looking at that beautiful baby. Well done to you and the mum Lisa!

  32. The Birth Coach

    Lisa, the video appears to have gone. Any ideas?

  33. Julie

    magnifique de simplicité… merci pour cette vidéo.

  34. Discipline Bound

    Thank you for sharing this video. My first child was born footling breech at home almost 9 years ago. As a midwife, I have only had the opportunity to attend 2 (both as a student). I would love to gain more experience in attending breech birthing mamas. If you don't mind me asking, how many breech homebirths have you attended so far? I love the hands and knees position for this birth. My midwife required the "lay at the end of the bed and have my bum hanging over the edge" position. I wished I could have been more upright.

  35. Eugenie


    I put it on my blog!! If you do not want me to put it there, please tell me” warme zwaai @ g mail. com


  36. Brett O'Meara

    My girlfriend is about to give birth to a frank breech baby. She lives in the Philippines and we just dont have enough information to heelp her get through this. It is common (as she lives in the province) to give birth at home but her oby/gen wants her to have c/s. The death rate due to infection there is around 90% so my girl is scared.
    Could you please send me a link to download this video to show her. today is June 3. i am leaveing to go there from Australia on june 6 at 5am. Im sure it would help if she could see this but there is no interner access where she lives.
    Thank you.

  37. Emma Hansen

    what a great birth, thanks for posting. You are truly hands off which I so admire.
    I loved that the first person to touch both of my babies (born at home) was ME.

  38. dew

    This is amazing, do you have it with sound?

  39. Dana Brown

    I am at a 1st time moms labor & the couple enjoys their privacy so I have been able to read many articles on your site & I appreciate all of them! The breech video is inspiring & beautiful.Thankyou for sharing.I had my 3 children at home, the 1st in 1977. I have been a midwife in Fairbanks Alaska for 25 years. We have a non-profit birthcenter and do homebirths too.We are not nurse midwives but are labeled certified direct entry midwives (quite a mouthfull !) We are in the “system” and are boggeled by rules but also are able to practice and provide gentle birth.Birth is a political football, I agree! Anyway, this is my 1st time writing in & I wanted to introduce myself. Blessings, Dana

  40. katrina astill

    Hi , I am a Midwife working in a busy city hospital , the c/s rate has climbed to 40% !! Yesterday I was incredibly lucky to attend a workshop “Birthing in Country” with Inuit and Aboriginal women and Midwives who are taking the lead telling politicains they demand birth options . They have just opened their 5th birth centre and their statistics are amazing , not to mention their cultural revival , training of local Midwives and sense of empowerment has drastically reduced mental health/drugs and alcohol use . Birth is so spiritually powerful , it was wonderful to hear of this transfomation of thinking and empowerment . Loved it !! The tide is turning and seeing your video this morning gives me inspiration !
    Thank you from Oz , Kat .

  41. diana

    wow…speeclesss…..i was a FRANK BREECH BIRTH T to actually see one is AMAZINGIM WONDERING WHAT ARE THE CHANCES HOW FREQUENT/RARE IS THIS…? beautiful video…:]

  42. Chen

    Let’s check back with baby when it starts school? Does she know a good special ed teacher? Do you know how dangerous this is? Do you read any literature at all? How qualified are you high risk? And just so you know, there are latex free gloves, and we have been using them for many years.

  43. Zoe

    What an amazing film – huge gratitude to the Mama for sharing those precious images with us. I stumbled across this site by accident, I’m just planning my second home-birth in the UK. It’s midwifery like this that makes me wish I’d finished my training, and makes me contemplate returning to it when my small people are a bit bigger! I got so disillusioned by the medicalisation of childbirth, but this site is what it’s really all about. Thanks again!

  44. Keri

    This was such an intriguing video to me.

    My daughter was born in this exact way, at home, unassisted. This wasn’t planned, I was supposed to be in a hospital with a midwife, but it turned out better this way because I was told by my midwife that she would have been forced by the hospital to send me in for a Cesarean.

    Anyways, I was standing when I gave birth to her and my husband caught her just under her armpits. I got to see her wrinkly little back and only felt her little legs flop out!

    I have to admit I was a little nervous at the end, it looked like Mom was going to sit on her!

    And Chen, for the record, my daughter is now over 2 years old and has been talking in full sentences before her second birthday. She also rhymes constantly, remembers & sings full songs, can make up her own jokes and clever replies. She is both physically and mentally beyond her age. The only danger in a vaginal frank breech delivery is if it is assisted by an idiot like yourself.

  45. Marjolein

    Dear Lisa,
    Thank you very much for posting this beautiful video online. I am a midwife (residing in The Netherlands) myself and currently expecting my first baby…in frank breech (and opting for vaginal delivery of course!). With this video I can show my husband how it’s supposed to be, instead of the horrific videos I found on Youtube, where they are literally pulling out babies by their legs….

  46. Emma Thiyagarajah

    My dearest lisa, God Bless you.

  47. Abi Abbott

    I find the comments of ‘Chen’ interesting. Why are clean bare hands worse than gloves exactly? Don’t bacteria adhere to glove material? Gloves just ‘look’ safer…ever gone to a sandwich shop and a gloved staff member makes your food then takes your money with the gloved hand! Also the comment about ‘special ed’ teacher is crass and hypocritical. My daughter was a ‘no labour’ c-section baby after a traumatic pregnancy (I was forced to inject insulin for borderline Gestational diabetes after being bed ridden for 3 weeks due to an injury and having to live off glucose lollies due to extreme vomiting related to Giardia infection) I put on 50 kg (which has taken me 5 years to lose 20 of them) and developed immense problems with my liver afterward. Anyway, my daughter was born totally under stimulated, refused the breast, my body felt ‘pregnant’ for 3 years after due to the lack of normal birth process. She is a gorgeous child, but very uncoordinated, falls frequently and definitely missed out on essential hormonal/physical stimulation which encourages healthy neurological development. In my experience as a Craniosacral Osteopath I have noticed that C-section babies are more likely to have delayed neuro development and more prone to ‘flat head’ or plagiocephaly (probably due to lack of compressive forces on the head). So the medical prof could argue that their intervention was ‘safe’ but have no idea about what happens 2, 5 or 20 years down the track. I have physical and emotional scars after the treatment I received. Luckily I have the knowledge to help my daughter Peri in the aftermath of her birth, with lots of massage and Craniosacral work.

    1. Cara

      Usually sterile gloves are used in a hospital for catching a baby, they are supposed to be changed if they become “contaminated” during birth. This is said tongue in cheek, as we all know vaginal birth is not sterile. :) If gloves are not sterile they are only used to “protect” the person wearing the gloves. 30 years ago no one wore gloves for birth, not even in hospital.

      1. Cara

        I agree Chen’s reply was no more than a snarly rant.

  48. Kristen

    My first baby was breech and I had a homebirth in the states. I refused to have a hospital birth and told the midwife we would do it ourselves if she didn’t come…we were bluffing, but it got the job done. I was wondering why when his body was born (he was a footling) why she pulled his arms out and then made me push his head out with all might might (I wasn’t having a contraction). I had a pretty bad tare from this and I have noticed that the breechs that you attended didn’t tare at all. Because of my scaring, I tore again with the second at the scar site (vertex this time). It seems that if she had left her hands off and let me push him out when I was contracting I could have stretched more. I am not complaining too bad because I had a very healthy baby and wasn’t robbed with a c section, but what is your advice if I were to have another breech baby? Thanks for these amazing videos!

  49. Tami

    I’m eagerly exploring your stories of breech births. I have a friend who has been planning a home birth but just found out at 37 weeks that her baby is frank breech. He’s also big, estimated to be over 8 lbs already (her last baby was nearly 11 lbs, a home birth as well). So she’s trying to turn him, but concerned about attempting a vaginal delivery with a big baby, and trying to decide the best course of action. Her midwife has expressed no concerns about the birth, but the mama herself is worried (it’s been a difficult pregnancy for many reasons, and this is just *one more thing* to add stress and concern). Any advice/comments on the size of babies in successful frank breech births?

  50. Marayks

    Hi Lisa. I must admit that the videos on breech delivery look scary. But you have answered the one question I had and that is how is it possible to deliver a breech baby. Here in SA very few women are advised to deliver vaginally. Every women I have spoken to who has medical aid will deliver via C- Section and breech delivery is an automatic C-Section. Lucky for me my doctor is a very spiritual man and has not tried to force me to consider a C-Section for my breech baby – currently at 38 weeks and delivery is scheduled for 18 December 2010. I wish you were here. I will go into the delivery trusting that I can do this and trust that my doctor was placed on our path exactly to help us welcome our angel into this world.

  51. Vlera

    Hi Lisa,
    I am nearly 37 weeks pregnant and my baby is in frank breech position, I am very worried about it- I am wondering of what is the best way to delivery?
    C-section or Vginally,
    vaginally seems very scary and diffcult and I so wanna know what is better for the baby and myself too.

  52. AP

    What an amazing video Lisa. A beautiful birth I agree. I enjoyed it. I think if a woman opts for this understanding in full the research of the Term Breech Trial, then that is her choice. They need to know this is a high risk birthing situation though – in her situation, thankfully all went well, and this is no doubt in large part because of your hands off approach.
    There are two older obstetricians where I work who if a lady strongly wants, would be prepared to assist her to deliver a breech vaginally, but as you know, these births are rarer these days, and the complication rates are higher across a population compared with C-section, so the vast majority of Obs recommend Caesarian.

    In a breech delivery, the Obs who have taught me, also suggest a hands off approach and only to intervene if absolutely necessary in a breech delivery.

    If you have ever been in a breech delivery where there was head entrapment (maybe you have), you would know why these births can go horribly wrong.
    Do these ladies have a plan to get to hospital quickly if they need to?

  53. AP

    P.s. For any lady wanting to know the results of the “Term Breech Trial” (a large trial done comparing elective caesarian with elective vaginal delivery for breech babies)
    I am quoting from the trial abstract:
    “Data were received for 2083 women. Of the 1041 women assigned planned caesarean section, 941 (90·4%) were delivered by caesarean section. Of the 1042 women assigned planned vaginal birth, 591 (56·7%) delivered vaginally. Perinatal mortality, neonatal mortality, or serious neonatal morbidity was significantly lower for the planned caesarean section group than for the planned vaginal birth group (17 of 1039 [1·6%] vs 52 of 1039 [5·0%]; relative risk 0·33 [95% CI 0·19—0·56]; p<0·0001). There were no differences between groups in terms of maternal mortality or serious maternal morbidity (41 of 1041 [3·9%] vs 33 of 1042 [3·2%]; 1·24 [0·79—1·95]; p=0·35)."
    You can find an abstract from the trial online by doing a google search for "term breech trial"

    In otherwords, about 1 in 75 women had a serious problem (nasty outcome or death) with their baby with a planned caesarian, and about 1 in 20 women had a serious problem with their baby with a planned vaginal delivery.
    This trial was done across many countries. When you collate the data from those countries who have a low perinatal mortality rate to start with (ie developed countries like Australia, UK, USA, France etc which is even more relevant to us in Australia) the difference is even greater:
    5.7% (ie about 1 in 18) had a serious problem with a vag breech delivery, whereas 0.4% (about 1 in 250) had a serious problem when delivered via caesarian.

    The other significant factor was that there was no difference in maternal outcomes betweem each, so by doing more caesars, you didn't end up with more maternal complications in this setting.

    So these are the cold hard figures comparing elective vaginal breech delivery vs elective caesarian. This is the reason obstetricians advise that the safest thing to do (ie least likelihood of a nasty complication or death) is to have an elective caesarian for a breech baby.
    Please consider this information when making your decision if you are even in this situation.

  54. Rose

    AP- I’m presuming you have also read all the follow up from that study which showed how flawed it was- that they had practitioners doing vaginal breeches with no experience and certainly not a hands off approach!
    Maybe you could also google that?!!
    The Canadian college of Ob/gyn has made a return to recommending vaginal breech as they have sensibly realised these flaws!
    The thought of birthing a breech baby in the hospital scared the shit out of me- knowing what they do- all the pulling/touching/un necessary maneuvers on top of the other hospital crap!
    My flexed breech video is on this blog also

  55. AP

    Rose, you need to read the whole trial. Most of the criticisms have been well rebutted.
    The analysis was done only at centres where they could provide an obstetric doctor experienced with breech delivery. Granted by their own admission this did not always happen, but that was accounted for in their discussion of the results.
    I should state I am not against the concept of a vaginal breech delivery. If u had carefully read my last two posts this should have been evident. But I am pro best available evidence, and this is why I presented it in my comment so that ladies can be informed and with good guidance from their health provider can make an informed choice.

  56. AP

    The trouble with many people I have noted on this forum is that you start with a premise that you believe to be true (eg vaginal breech deliveries have to be safe because a women knows her body and instinctively knows how to birth) and then try and shoot down any evidence that dares to suggest a different outcome than what you believe to be true.
    Now I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t look critically at the evidence – we should.
    If new evidence comes to light that with a different technique (eg hands off approach) shows that the outcomes are similar to a Caesar, then great, you will find more obstetricians will go back to vag breech deliveries. However until this evidence becomes available (and it may never, because you never know, but perhaps, just perhaps the current evidence may be what actually happens across a population who have vag breech deliveries) the safest option for a doctor to recommend is a Caesar.

  57. AP

    Ps that will be my last comment here. I don’t want to inflame or offend people anymore than I prob have already.
    My goals, believe it or not, are the same as all of you, that is to facilitate the best birthing experience possible with a beautiful baby and healthy mother at the end of it. We may disagree with the methodology of how each of us think that should happen, however, I do wish all those who are pregnant all the very best.

  58. Brenda

    Dear Lisa,
    I would like to comment that most home breech births will go well, especially if there is an experienced birth attendant there. I would also like to congratulate you on including some comments which were critical of breech births at home. Unfortunately I know someone who had a bad outcome from a breech birth at home (her baby died at birth) and this prompted me to read up on the “Term breech trial”. I am an experienced birth attendant myself and I do not think I would have the courage to do what you are doing. In the term breech trial, 8 babies died in women having a vaginal breech birth (5 due to a difficult birth and three due problems with the babies’ heart beat). This means that there was a 0.5% (1 in 200) chance of the baby dying from a difficult birth and a 0.8% (1 in 125) chance of the baby dying due to the natural labour process in women who chose a normal birth. The other bad outcomes in the trial were not as serious or not clearly due to the decision to have a vaginal birth. Also, in this trial, the vast majority of births had an experienced obstetrician present (ie not an inexperienced registrar). I hope you post this comment because it could help some women with what can be a very difficult decision.

  59. Brenda

    Thank you very much Lisa for posting my comment. I agree the breech trial is flawed, but it still gives some helpful information. The 0.5% mortality in the breech trial was only for causes due to breech birth as I excluded babies with abnormalities from this figure. The raw data of 8.2 per thousand normal births (0.8%) must include babies with congenital abnormalities so it is hard to compare the two. I wholeheartedly agree that it is up to each woman to decide. All women should remember that they have the right to accept or reject the advice that any health professional (eg an obstetrician or midwife) might provide. Best wishes.

  60. Carina

    Cried seeing this beautiful birth. Thank you to you Lisa and the momma who shared! I’ve had three frank breech children that all ended up sectioned. It was an awful way for my babies to come into the world. The only thing good I can say is that when I was in recovery I was able to nurse all of my babies when they were about a 1/2 hour old. I think that the knowldege I had about how to have skin to skin feeding was one of the reasons we all recovered okay. I sure am thankful that there are others out there that don’t have to be forced to section! Thank you for your work!

  61. Robin

    Watching these breech videos, is amazing. Nobody knew my brother was breech when my mom was pregnant. She had him in the back of an old stationwagon ambulance. He was coming out hand and foot presentation. Luckily my father, had helped on the farm, and was able to assist the situation. My brother is now 38 and a professional, always been the most “well adjusted” of our family. So the comment about needing a special ed teacher was out of line. If my father can help my mother birth a breech baby with no real training but that he got on a farm. Really can it be that dangerous? Unless dealt with incorrectly, of course. Thank you for sharing these.

  62. Renee

    I just wanted to add that I was one of the “unfortunate” moms who delivered her frank breech baby via C-section. As he was my first, and ultrasound revealed a nuchal cord, we decided C-section was the best route for us and I do not regret that choice. Can you comment on how many previous children this woman has birthed? From my understanding, frank breech deliveries are typically easier and have better outcomes for women with a proven cervix.

    For moms who are considering options, it is still possible to have a birth plan and express your own desires during a C-section. It was a positive experience for us and I am fortunate that we did not experience any complications. In retrospect I would have changed only 2 things: 1) I would have asked to be checked for dilation before my section. A successful breech delivery depends on the ability of the baby’s butt to engage in your pelvis. As I never went into labor, I was never checked for dilation, so I never knew if he had even engaged. Which brings me to 2) I would have like to go into labor. Although I tried every home remedy in the book to get that baby to turn, in the end he did not. I’ve heard that some breech babies turn in labor – so I guess I would have like to see if that happened for me.

    Another question: can breech babies be delivered even if the mom has an epidural?

  63. Ann

    Lovely, inspiring birth video. I am finishing up my Doula training, and beginning my training to become a midwife. I had a home/water birth, and a birthing center birth. Both were wonderful and empowering. My son was born in the caul. I love to see women trusting in their power as women to give birth. My children are so happy and healthy and intelligent. I had a hard childhood and was physically and emotionally abused. I found that giving birth naturally, gave me back so much of my self esteem and and sense of empowerment and has helped me heal.

  64. jan

    wow…i am 38 weeks and baby is breech. anyone know anyone trained in the central pa area who will do vaginal frank breech? i’m due april 26 and the obs want to do a c-section this tuesday 19th, we’re saying no thanks, but they don’t do vaginal breech births…PLEASE help!

  65. Rose

    Jan- i really hope you have refused that c-section?……..

  66. Rochelle

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video! My “due date” is in 2 days, and baby is complete breech. When we told our OB we want a vaginal delivery, he said “Good for you!” He told us that it is becoming normal again in Canada, and went on to explain in detail how he delivers breech. Pushing on my back, manipulating baby into different positions, episiotomy, possible forceps, and immediate cord clamping and cutting. I will be fighting him on some of these points, and conceding to others! I’m just really glad that I have this chance for a vaginal birth! I look forward to being a mom!

  67. Rose

    Rochelle, i sincerely hope you dont concede on any of those points!!!! this is YOUR baby, and i would rather a c/s than have a Dr do those things to me/my baby.

    have you read about why its safest to be “hands off the breech” and be in an upright position?

  68. Roa

    Hi Lisa,

    My wife’s due date is August 2nd, our baby is frank breech and here in Canada specifically in Halifax, Nova Scotia they refused to do a vaginal birth and they’ve already booked the C-Section for August 4th.

    We are searching to find some one who may help or deliver vaginal frank breech. Please Help if you can suggest a Dr in NS and specifically HRM area (Halifax) if possible.

    Thanks a lot

  69. Jen T

    I owe you (and the mom here) a big debt of gratitude for posting this video. Last December, I gave birth to my breech baby – my second child – at home in a big inflatable birthing tub in the company of 3 midwives, my husband, and a friend. We only learned of my daughter’s frank breech presentation at 40 weeks, so all of us were scrambling to get more information. I read everything I could about breech home births, but your site and this video was the game-changer for me. So little information is out there on breech home births – I swear, I would give you an award if I could! :-)

    I drew so much strength and comfort and inspiration just from watching this woman. I knew if she could do it, so could I. After 12 hours of labor, and just 3 1/2 minutes of pushing, my beautiful daughter was born. I didn’t require stitches, and I felt so much support and love. It was the complete antithesis of my son’s hospital birth with interventions. My midwives were ready to support me however they could, and it was great training for them, since it’s somewhat less common to see a home breech birth. The funny thing is, I actually felt like the breech birth was easier than the traditional head-down birth.

    At the end, one of my midwives presented me with the umbilical cord fashioned into a heart – she said to let it dry, and I’d have an ornament on my tree next year. We all laughed a little about it, but you know, it is a memento from the birth that I completely love and cherish – and not a single person would guess what it is. :-) Midwives are so amazing and creative, and I don’t know what we’d do without them. Thanks a million!!!

  70. Jen T

    Oh – and one question for you. In the last year, our pediatrician has pushed quite vigorously for hip testing for our daughter just based on the fact that she was born breech. She had no clicks in her hips (our midwives tested her at the birth and 6 week follow-up). She’s crawling and nearly walking without problems. We relented and took her for an expensive ultrasound that found nothing. Still our ped would like us to have an x-ray of her hips, which we’ve said no to – I feel strongly about irradiating our baby daughter’s ovaries. Do you know of many hip problems with breech babies growing up? My gut feeling is our ped is just playing CYA with the insurance companies here. Thanks for your insight.

  71. Aimee

    Wow what an amazing birth!! I love the fact that you are hands off, I thought that was especially amazing considering it was a breech birth. I don’t think that would be the case in England! It was amazing to see that everyone present believed in the possibility of the breech birth occurring without intervention, whereas intervention is usually encouraged. Thank you to you and the woman for this amazing birth, just goes to show that it really is possible and is great inspiration :) :)

  72. Shelley

    i am a midwife X36 years. i feel so bad the people i have told that breech c-sec is the only way. i am about to do my first breech and wondered about any manuvers for a head locked in the pubic bone, that seems to be the buzz here. i have great faith in my mama’s intution and feel all will be fine. primip w 8 lb baby. also, would you insist on an ultrasound? She has not had one at all. you are a wonderful definition of a midwife!!!

  73. Rachel

    As a clinician, I am shocked that you are not observing universal precautions while assisting the birth. Although, I applaud your effort in making a natural breech birth a soothing and possible expierience, I cannot help but wonder why you dont feel the need to protect you, the mother, and the fetus from the spread of disease and/or infection. Yuck!

  74. ummu asja

    hi lisa, im from albnia im in my 34week of gestation and i have a breech baby, but not only, my baby is also hypotrophic, non equal hypotrophy i should say because in my last echo the AC(abdominal circumference) was 3 weeks late while the head circumference was normal. this is my second pregnancy, i had a normal vaginal delivery in my first child.can i also have a second normal vaginal delivery? i mean is there the risk that the body as it is smaller passes with not full dilatation and then the head gets stuck in my column uteri because i fear a ‘cut’ of column uteri that may lead to even hysterectomia or a cerebral hemoragy of the baby. looking forward for a reply from you…

  75. motherhero

    Thank you so much for posting this video, Lisa. I am a renegade granny midwife, and I assist “high risk” women who are so determined to have a natural birth that they would rather deliver alone at home than go to the hospital. For that reason, I have decided to not become certified, and I offer my services for free. That is the only way I can stay legal, and continue to help these women. My first son was delivered NVD frank breech in the hospital nearly 30 years ago, and my two other children were also natural deliveries. It was so beautiful to see this child delivered this way, and I applaud you and the mother for trusting nature and one another. That takes a very special bond of love.

  76. roya

    Hi Lisa, I accidentally found your blog. I am Iranian and I’m studying a degree in midwifery.you have an interesting blog. Thanks