8 responses to “Lilly’s Homebirth – A Dad’s Story”

  1. Billie

    Oh Brooke! This is just Beautiful! I feel so touched and so pleased to be able to read this. You have an incredible wife and a beautiful daughter…but I don't need to tell you that :)

    I look forward to reading the next in what I hope is a series ;)

    Lisa, your blog as always is a wonderful guide and source of inspiration. Thank you for being the wonderful dedicated midwife that you are. You truly are "with women" but you are also "with people" too! xx

  2. Rebekah Costello

    Awww, Lisa, this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful telling. I especially like his description of when he fell in love with his little girl. Precious indeed.

  3. Kat Williams

    Gorgeous Story Brooke and what a lovely time to read it while you are preparing for your next bubba.

    I'm sorry you felt like you didn't know what to do when we arrived. It looked to me like you were doing a fab job and were there for Rose to hold – that's the main thing and now you know that, this time might be easier for you.

    Love Kat xx

  4. Nicole

    Such a beautiful poem, something Lilly will be able to enjoy reading when she is older. You should hand write and frame for her bedroom! Think it would be so cool to have a poem written for you by your Dad, something I would cherish forever!
    Thank you for sharing your story, wish more Dads were as enthusiastic about sharing their side of the story and their emotions on birth experiences. Sounds like you did a great job supporting Rose – get in that beanbag woman! Sending happy birthing vibes to you all for number 2!
    Cheers, Nic

  5. I am Brooke...

    Oh wow Brooke, so awesome to read the blokes view on it all.
    I know my hubby didn't fall in love instantly with our kids, but weeks later when having a 'moment' with each of them.

    And I'm sure it'll be as magic again this time around.

  6. Luschka

    Oh! The 'you look just like in my dreams' bit made me cry! From my own experience I can say, having my husband so close during labour was the most magical part of the whole experience. It bonded us for life, I think. I'll never forget his voice in my ear. Be proud of yourself! You did an amazing job, it seems!

  7. WiseWoman

    I love reading the man's point of view. The details that they notice are so interesting. I'm going to pass this on to other fathers.

    When my last baby was born, I expected "instant bonding" and didn't have it till hours later. I think it's a good thing for midwives to pay attention to the fact that different people bond at different times and there's nothing wrong with that.

  8. Homebirth Advocate

    I love stories of home birth and perseverance. Thanks for having a site to share such stories.