New Traditional Midwifery Workshops

Lisa Barrett Presents:  A Weekend of Traditional Midwifery


  • Physiology of mother and baby.
  • Traditional methods of working with physiology incl. Mapping the pelvis, Rebozo, active birth, hip jiggling, water immersion, fetal physiology.
  • Complexities and traditional midwifery.
  • Working with & without fear.

First Traditional Midwifery Workshop @ Crafers, SA

2 1/2 days 25-27 June 2010
Only 15 places available
Cost: $450, $500 with rebozo.
Fully catered

Second Traditional Midwifery Workshop @ Bellingen, NSW

2 1/2 days 16-18 July 2010
Only 15 places available
Cost: $500, $550 with rebozo.
Fully catered

Suggestions for accommodation available on request. See for more details closer to the date. Non refundable Deposit of $50 (unless negotiated otherwise) required to reserve a place. Remainder due 15 May.

Contact Naomi for bank details:

Here are some pictures and details from the January 2010 workshop to help you envisage the weekend.

5 responses to “New Traditional Midwifery Workshops”

  1. Nuyanne

    My reader showed only "New Traditional midwifery workshops" and I opened the original item with my fingers crossed over my heart chanting "Canada. Canada. Canada." A girl can dream…

  2. Jane

    I am desperate to come but have only just seen this and it is now too hard to juggle everything. Any chance you will be doing it again towards the end of the year or early next year? Totally wishful thinking but maybe you have plans for one in WA?

  3. erin

    Hello hello!! I’m so super keen to be a part of your Melbourne workshop but can’t seem to access hips and makers site!! If there are any spaces left, would you be able to contact me?? Thanks so much… Erin

  4. Sara

    Hi Lisa,

    Any chance you are planning to run this at all in 2012? I am a mid student and the RM mentoring me raved about.

    Thanks Sara