13 responses to “Homebirth Of Zara”

  1. Momza

    Beautiful. Perfect. Wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing your birth story.
    We women are so much stronger than we realize sometimes!
    Home birth rocks!

  2. Chappell3

    what a beautiful and intimate birth! congrats mama!

  3. WiseWoman

    “I experienced the most intense burning, and I truly thought my clitoris was going to shatter into a million pieces.” Oh, I could so relate to that thought! Thanks for sharing your journey to daughter #2, Congratulations. Gloria Lemay in Canada

  4. Making of a Montessori Mum

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Rose! Tears in my eyes when I read this bit: “Lilly was there, sitting on her dads lap, and had watched everything. I was so pleased! They were both hugging each other very tightly actually.” So beautiful. Congrats to you amazing one.

    Great to read as I prepare for birth number 2 as well.


  5. Umatji

    Beautiful post – thanks for sharing it Rose – just makes looking at you and Zara all the more amazing.

  6. Kat Williams

    Congrats Rose – Such a beautiful story, such a beautiful family. You are an amazing birth goddess and ultra strong woman :)

  7. Sharon

    hi rose lovely birth story amazing
    you are an amazing woman and midwife congratulations on the birth of your second daughter
    cheers sharon

  8. Ashwee


    Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

    I have just started a blog about healing after traumatic birth and planning a homebirth for my next. I’m in melbourne and I would love it if you could visit my blog. http://www.gomumma.blogspot.com


  9. Michelle Richards

    What a beautiful story Rose, I have tears in my eyes…..Well done you xx

  10. kristy douglas

    such a beautiful story and amazing pictures! What is most great…is that your daughters will grow up and realize that they have a choice on how to have babies and already know how truly wonderful homebirth is! I am a mommy of four…one at a hospital and three at home with a truly amazing midwife!
    Cheers to you and your beautiful family!

  11. aaron romero

    This image moves me so deeply that I just want to mourn, because it is so beautiful it makes me want to have another baby …. congrats ..!!!

  12. Jessica

    That was beautiful. I’ve had 5 kids in the hospital because my husband wouldn’t let me birth at home. My next will be born at my home in my bed if at all possible. This fantastic story gives me good feelings about it. I’m not pregnant but one never knows what mother nature has in store for them. :-)

  13. naturesoul