18 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Star Trek”

  1. jelikin

    Did you see the eyes on the doctor/midwife? That’s what happens when you’re about to witness the mythical vaginal birth.

    And I can’t believe there was no birthpool in a state of the art space shuttle.

    It would have been pretty cool if they handed her a little tub with the placenta in it don’t you think? Your husband has just been killed and you’ve just had a baby – your hormones are going to be all over the place. Take a bite of placenta 3 times a day.

  2. Alison Walker

    not a birth scene strictly but a corker of a romantic pregnant with unknown alien being scene from Torchwood, one of my fave programmes


  3. Luschka

    Look – I had a beautiful home water birth in the most calm, quiet and for lack of a better word, enjoyable environment. But I have to admit that if people were firing things around me, screaming and my husband was about to be killed I might not have been as calm. If anyone ever needed a waterbirth, it was this woman!

  4. Microbiologychick

    You should do a compilation of all the Star Trek birth scenes!

    TNG has an vaginal birth during an emergency with Worf the Klingon as midwife! Things go very well, even if he’s not the most supportive person.

    DS9 has a ritualized Bajoran birth.

    Voyager has a transporter “C-section” because the ridges of the alien-hybrid baby’s skull get lodged in the human mother’s uterus. (Certainly a true indication for c-section if there ever was one!)

    And those are only the ones I know off the top of my head. :)

  5. mommymichael

    can’t help it, i still cried and i’ve seen this movie more than once. lol

    absurd birth scene is the one from Star Wars – Padme giving birth VAGINALLY (shock shock!!) to twins… ohhh on her back, with this huge weird thing over her lower half.

  6. Kathy

    I don’t know which was my favorite part — that they do no assessment of her or the baby BUT SHE HAS TO PUSH NOW!!!!!!!!!!; that she gives birth within just a few minutes (which is not necessarily unrealistic, although in that position it’s not normal); or that she’s handed a 3-month-old baby with a full head of dry hair.

  7. Alli Ham

    Don’t forget the painless upright birth chair birth in ST : TNG by Deanna Troi, of the alien baby, concieved without sex!

  8. jelikin

    Did you notice her having a contraction when she was being pushed along in the wheelchair? “Oh, that was a big one”, she said. A nice touch by the director. Although she may well have been talking about all the explosions going on around her.

  9. Microbiologychick

    Damn you, Alli Ham!

    I should have remembered that one!

    I love how the doctor offers her pain medication, but says it “won’t diminish the experience at all.” Maybe they’ll actually have that in the future. :)

  10. Majikfaerie

    as someone who has never seen star trek and knows virtually nothing of it (to the enduring shame of my ex-wife) I’d say that scene was a shockingly unrealistic representation of birth, if it weren’t so boringly typical of movie-depicted births. I so regularly get angry at birth scenes in movies/ tv shows. It would be kind of funny if the vast majority didn’t see them as a guide for what to expect in normal birth.

  11. Sheridan

    It really disturbed me. On many different levels. But it made it hard for me to enjoy the rest of the film because I was so upset about the whole incident and how they connected her birth with her husbands death. I mean artistically I guess it was good because it was moving. However, it was very unrealistic in so many ways.

  12. Pamala

    Yeah I watching the movie again yesterday and was laughing during that scene. I mean first off, she’d clearly been in labor for a while, why didn’t he know before he sent her to the shuttle? I’d figure by then at least they wouldn’t be pushing on their backs or something but then again it’s a movie and you can’t always fit that stuff into it.

    As for screaming, eh, that was me when I was giving birth. Sometimes we women do scream during birth.

  13. Misty

    Okay – I am going to preface my comments by saying that I first saw this movie when I was 40 weeks pregnant, so I was nearly hysterically crying when this scene happened! I didn’t think this birth was too bad for a movie birth. I birthed my first son in a very similar position (until the very end because his big shoulders got stuck and we had to do some quick maneuvering!), and I am a big time screamer! Honestly, if my husband were about to be blown to bits and we were fleeing for our lives – I might need someone to get in my face and tell me to push! LOL. It would have been so much better though if they hadn’t handed her this oddly clean and older looking baby neatly packaged up in a pretty little blanket afterward. It would have been very powerful to see her pull her baby up and clutching him the way she most likely would have done. I’m with mommymichael – the birth that REALLY bugs me (and I can’t get through the movie without griping about it!) is Luke and Leia’s birth.

  14. katrina

    This video is hilarious ! Almost as much drama as Bollywood …they could market it as “HomeBirth Galactica” , maybe this could be a new birth option ? Kat

  15. Karena

    Why bother with a birthing pool in space? – imagin birth at zero-gravity!
    I know it’s only a movie – but good-grief. Like any mother would actually go into labour with all that noise going on. Maybe someone should write to hollywood and let them know how adrenalin works…..

  16. Asrathiel

    “What is grand is that even the enterprise has a shuttle all set up and ready for birth with the birth slab prepared.”

    That was the USS Kelvin, not the Enterprise ;)