Draft guide to eligibility

Here is the frame work for eligibility, up for comment until 27th April.

Guidelines and Assessment Framework for the recognition and endorsement of eligible midwives

Here is the criteria from the standards document.

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
Registration standard for endorsement of midwives as eligible midwives


To be entitled to endorsement as an eligible midwife, a midwife must be able to demonstrate all the following
a)  Current general registration as a midwife in Australia with no restrictions on practice;
b)  Practice for at least three years across the continuum of midwifery care, within the previous 5 years;
c)  Successful completion of an approved professional review program for midwives working across the continuum of
midwifery care;
d)  20 additional hours per year of continuing professional development relating to the continuum of midwifery care;
e)  Compliance with the collaboration requirements for eligible midwives;
f)  Successful completion of:
i.  an accredited and approved program of study determined by the Board to develop midwives’ knowledge and
skills in prescribing, or
ii.  a program that is substantially equivalent to such an approved program of study.

Midwives have to comply with collaboration and sign a stat dec to that effect to be held by the Nurses board.  We still have no idea what collaboration is really going to look like.  I wish they would just get on with it and tell us what impossible tasks we have to complete before we can continue to birth with women as registered midwives.

I am still not aware of any other insurance outside the commonwealth.  I hope the frame work isn’t delayed because they are trying to fix it so we have to obtain eligibility and “collaboration”(secret word for selling the souls of midwives and women to ban homebirth).

I also have a few other questions that appeared to have been over looked by the midwifery authority and government alike.

  1. How will we get on the register if eligibility becomes something we can’t avoid and the commonwealth insurance is all we can use?
    • To get on the register you need insurance, to get insurance you need eligibility and to get eligibility the first criteria is that you are on the register.   What do we do about that little conundrum.
  2. If we jump the hoops leave all the women behind that we can no longer be with and we manage to get a low risk woman that meets all the demands, then she needs to transfer to the hospital but has no private health?
    • She is the client of a private midwife so will be considered a private patient at the hospital.  Will she incur all the out of pocket expenses of a private patient?  That would mean out of pocket expenses of thousands of dollars from a public hospital.  Would we just go to a private hospital?  Well no in house Ob means we would have to have an agreement with one who had practicing rights at the hospital and still incur all out of pocket expenses.

I wish someone would just jump on the internet and tell me exactly what the plans are.   I’m sure there are midwives that will jump high enough to become eligible but what woman could they serve?

I hope the private midwives association is getting onto these questions.  I also hope they are questioning the delay in publication of the draft QSF and getting to the bottom of collaboration.  The clock is ticking and NOBODY has any idea what is going on.

I am horrified that there is not more fuss about this, from women and the MC from midwives and APMA.  It is impossible to find out this information by ourselves, the government has better things to do than speak to us apparently.

Meanwhile after the government pulled the page that contained the commonwealth insurance package, they replaced it with EXACTLY the same thing.

10 responses to “Draft guide to eligibility”

  1. Kate

    Yeah some answers would be nice! Of course the reason we don’t have any anwsers is cause they are still working out how the hell it is going to work themselves. NFI. I feel so much for the women who are pregnant now, want a homebirth and don’t know where they stand.

  2. Tanja

    So, it’s up for comment. What on earth do we say? Is there anything left to say? Is there any point in us mere breeding stock mortals contributing to this discussion? We haven’t been heard by anyone except the truly “with woman” midwives at any point in the past.

    Are there any criteria for comments? All I’ve heard is that we should send things through to natboards at dhs dot vic dot gov dot au, but beyond that I have no idea.

    Am I better off using my time to research my inevitable freebirth?

    /cynical rant

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. xx

  3. morgana

    Hi Lisa,
    can you please indicate what you think the most effective thing I could do to help with this issue would be.

  4. Rosey smart-Vaher

    Hi as we spoke before for Private Midwives to be truly Private so much must change!!! Like we are still midwives when womon transfer to hosp. Private health companies need to recognize and pay our bills for the Families who engage us. The lines in the sand have to go both ways womon gives notes they have collaborated with their midwife and hosp need to allow us to access notes and be an equal partner in planing care or Intevention. We need to maintain our voice on information and explainatiom of hosp plans and not be seen or treated disrespectfully cos we offer different info to what they have been prepared to give.
    The financial changes will take far to long for any of us to still be able to qualify.
    For me nothing has changed in my head or heart since the original release of the maternity review. Their agenda has been underground for ages and they only have one mandate and that is to stop private midwives working with womon who self determine their birth.

  5. Janet Fraser

    How on earth can anyone offer a submission around this document? It’s utter turgid redundant rubbish. High order bullshit from committees and public servants being led by the AMA is not conducive to doing anything for women or real midwives. This kind of garbage is bizarre and has no relevance to the question at hand which is: why is it ok for a government to take away the human rights of over half the population? And further, why is the government introducing the personhood of the foetus to us in this way? Who’s informing that part of this disgusting drive?

    I’ve read a lot of bullshit in the last two years but this may win some kind of award from me.

  6. Michelle

    have just sat down to make my submission, and came here for some idea of what to write. Glad I’m not the only one who can’t make sense of it. I agree it’s probably too late/will make no difference. Over it. Leave me and my family and our midwife alone.

  7. Janet

    I did crank out a submission in the end. Wish I could have sent the accompanying cartoon I blogged with it though…

    Have you all seen how “collaboration” (*spit on the floor*) has put an end to consumer-driven midwife-attended homebirth in NY State just like it will here?