7 responses to “Hospital To Homebirth HBAC”

  1. FeltUp

    i cried :} INSPIRING!!!

  2. WiseWoman

    Ahhhh! I’m going to make this my “Quote of the day” on Facebook:
    The next thing I know, I have a vernix covered delightful thing on my chest and the most incredible feeling of relief sweeps over me. It’s over, I did it!

    This is a lovely story for Cesarean Awareness Month. Congrats to all. Gloria Lemay in Canada

  3. Amber

    beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  4. Kat Williams

    Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous story :) Such a great achievement. Well done, strong birthing goddess. Fabulous! Making me clucky Love Kat xx

  5. Sam

    Oh what a wonderful, normal, beautiful birthing experience. Such a joy to read :)

  6. Sam

    Ah, what a lovely birth story :) So calm, so natural, so normal. Thankyou for sharing your story with us.

  7. Amanda

    wow. thank you so very much for this inspiring story. i am due in a week and cannot wait to experience the birth in my own home with just my midwife, husband and dd. i plan to summons everything i have just like you did. namaste xx