3 responses to “Indemnity Insurance PDF”

  1. Rosey Smart-Vaher

    This looks great Lisa. Blessings on forging Midwifery forward. :-)

  2. Kelli Wheeler

    So, if you are a Privately-Practicing Midwife, you can be covered, as long as you don’t plan a homebirth with your clients?

    That is what I understood from the PDF. What the heck is the point then? Sheesh!

    Keep on keeping on Lisa, lets get Midwifery out of the gutter!



  3. morgana

    So this is for Private Midwives who will work for clients that are giving birth in a hospital? Crap!

    Are Private Midwives able to get their clients to sign something to say they cant sue them if something does go wrong? I guess it probably wouldnt hold up in court anyway if it came to that… ???

    Is it illegal now (after June) to do Homebirth’s? i.e do you have to have insurance? Is there going to be a fine if a midwife does do a homebirth?

    What can someone like me (a woman who wants the option to birth at home ) do to help?