8 responses to “Absurd Birth Scenes – Daddy Who?”

  1. Bella

    I saw a good one the other day Lisa. It was from the movie “knocked up”. I was really surprised about the birth scenes in that for a Hollywood romantic comedy. First they had her trying to just stay calm whilst in labour where she got into a bath at home for awhile. Then they had the maniac OBGYN who was shouting at her and telling her what she could and couldn’t do. The hubby gave him an earful which was really nice to see. At the end they actually showed a full shot of the baby crowning, can u believe it?!! Not that it was a realistic vagina but I applauded them on the best most realistic version of what it is like to see a OB for birth that I have seen hollywood produce.

    1. Lisa Barrett

      Oh yes, I’ve seen knocked up too. I’ll hopefully have that birth scene on here sometime soon. A collection wouldn’t be complete without that classic!

  2. Danielle

    Wow that’s some poor acting, not to mention an unrealistic birth.

    Funny fact, though – Gabrielle Anwar actually DOES have a child. Her daughter, Willow, played “Lillie” in that movie.

  3. Gloria Lemay

    Must try that “smearing the baby with strawberry jam” thing at the next birth I attend.

  4. XxKaulitzWisherxx

    I laughed so hard from 1:57 to 2:00!Her face is HILARIOUSLY PRICELESS!
    Overall,it’s an ok birth scene.I don’t see what’s wrong though. :|

  5. Ally

    She looks like a sim XD

  6. addy

    why the HELL is she wearing that hat?

    from the extras for one of the Twilight films: for the birth scene, they covered the baby in jelly mixed with cream cheese to make her extra bloody-gooey. at first the baby was a little cold in filming and started to cry, but once she had a lick of her lip and tasted the cream cheese, she was all, “OMG I TASTE DELICIOUS!” and quieted down immediately. had me in stitches.

    1. addy

      though, i don’t know if the film would qualify under the absurd birth scenes, since it’s involving a half human, half vampire baby, and the natural laws don’t seem to apply. (hence the vicious nature of the actual birth).

      and, funny enough? i am SO not a twilight fan. i just love birth scenes! and this one was different in its own way, and i think (so i’ve heard) true to the book. they even have a behind the scenes bit on how it was done, and the effects they used.

      i’m stepping way out of my league here, but if you WANT to add it to your list, i can give you a good link for it from youtube, and explain the oddities of it, if you want! :-)