Our Evening With Gloria Lemay

We had the great pleasure to host an evening with Gloria Lemay over the weekend.  It was held at my house and was highly successsful.  We had 47 people come and listen and we put on a lovely supper.

Our back room tidy and ready for dinner.

My fantastic husband making muffins as part of supper.

We totally exhausted Gloria at the end of the evening and she fell asleep in the middle of answering a question when chatting with people after the event.

“I’m just a little old lady, all cute and inoffensive right?”  this is a quote from her to me about an amazingly outrageous thing she did.  WRONG GLO you are no little old lady you are a strength and power to women and midwives all over the world and we thank you for your passion and dedication.

11 responses to “Our Evening With Gloria Lemay”

  1. Janet

    Where are you in those pics, Lisa? Looks like you all had a blast. Our turn now! *happydance*

  2. Emma Anderson

    Thank you so much for hosting this Lisa! It was such a wonderful evening! The food was scrummy, the coffee hot and Gloria was enigmatic (except for the bit where we talked her to sleep!). Thank you to you and your gorgeous family. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Alivia Brown

    Fantastic night Lisa, thanks xx
    very inspirational for us 1st year mid students!

  4. cherie nixon

    Ah Lisa How lovely and a great personal space.
    We had here in geelong in a hall but your room has a such a lovely energy.

    Gloria is so lovely and i love the picture of her asleep. :D

    I cant wait to we can have a full weekend with her!

  5. Miradija Fitzell

    Was a fabulous evening!!

  6. Rixa

    Isn’t Gloria a gem? I was so glad I got to meet her at the first Trust Birth conference. I had no idea she was so stinking hilarious!

  7. Gloria Lemay

    Hi Lisa, as my trip winds to a close, I’m looking back with such fond memories of Geelong, Adelaide and Sydney. Thanks so much for letting me into your fun family and beautiful home. I feel so fortunate to have made such good friends in this beautiful country.

    Danielle and I are packing up to leave Jenny Blyth’s retreat centre near Gympie. What paradise it has been for the past 3 days. Dancing, singing, swimming, lots of eating and story telling. Divine.

    Thanks for welcoming me and taking such good care of me, Australia. Love Gloria

  8. Sherry

    Just love seeing birth being taught in living rooms! So beautiful to see women coming to gether to learn about birth in an intimate setting rather than a clinical or classroom space….to me this feels so much more authentic and so much more about birth and womankind than it is about getting an education to become something! Here I see woman passionate about birth and about woman and about life on planet earth!! Sigh of relief to know that all around the world, while it seems that more an more “medwives” are being trained, so are there also small groups of women coming together to learn how to truly be “with women”!!!

  9. Amber Morrisey

    That photo of Gloria asleep really is so sweet.

    I was watching her twitter stream here in Canada while she raved about being with you lot. Lucky gals.